Pinaddicts July challenge

It’s my favorite time of month again where I get to make something that inspired me on Pinterest and show you all how it turned out!

How does it work you ask….

I’ve done quite a few little projects this month and blogged about them fortunately there is one left just for the #pinaddicts!

This here is the original.

And here is my version… Done on a canvas I already had that decided I didn’t like anymore due to the kitchen being painted.  Next time though I’ll be more patient and let the Modge Podge (PVA mix) dry before adding a second coat to stop the paper colour smudging!

I didn’t think the painting handprints would work in our house with such small kids… I do like that it’s a reminder of how little their hands were, I just need to add a date to it!

Now I just have 1 more to do… it’s started but I need to decide on a final design that will fit with this one.  Somehow I’ll find the time to do it! And find that elusive project for next month!

So hop on over to The lovebump and see some more addicts doing their thing!


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