To tinkle or not to tinkle?

The ivories that is!

We’ve been offered a piano, friends have it in storage and need to get rid of it. I’ve always wanted the kids to be involved in music and play at least 1 instrument. I’m not very musical myself but my husband’s family are and I think it’s an important part of growing them into interesting and well-rounded people along with doing different sports and intellectual learning.

They love music, dancing and singing.  I can’t keep the boy off the musical equipment at church and yesterday he was found playing the Cajon percussion drum with his little sister with the biggest smiles. He is frequently found strumming guitars and singing with the microphone.  Nothing stops him, time out doesn’t work when it comes to the temptation of music. Jenna is always singing and making up song and little Tamsin has been dancing and wriggling to music before she could walk.

It’s something I want to encourage and cultivate in them.

But… Where the heck am I going to put it in the house?? There will have to be some serious shifting of furniture and clearing out of toys. It also needs some TLC, ummm where am I going to find the time?? It also will need tuning which I’m not that worried about as with the kids playing around I would probably wait a while and not stress about the banging that is bound to happen.

So what do you think?  I’m of the opinion how often will be offered a piano free?? Take it and run… or rather find a van, get some men and drive it away slowly and carefully…. or leave it where it is and keep life simple!?!?

4 thoughts on “To tinkle or not to tinkle?

  1. You can’t look a gift horse in the mouth, I mean a piano. Go for it and if it doesn’t work out there is always someone wanting a piano… just hv rules about the strumming, none of it when Dodo comes to visit!

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