I missed it!

The blog is 1 year old and I missed it! I don’t think I would have even remembered if my husband hadn’t of thought to mention it!

It’s been a year of learning curves! Technology wise, writing wise and life wise.  I’ve loved getting to know different people and making new friends. I’m grateful for the support I get from people I sometimes don’t even know when times have been tough!

I’ve loved sharing things I’ve made and getting ideas from other blogs. I love the encouragement and motivation it’s given me. I don’t always have time to pay it the attention I want but life with family comes first.

I love that it is a record of our life and that I get to look back and read about life a year ago and how different it was. I can’t wait for the children to be of the age when they can read through it!

So thank you to every one of the over 10 000 people who have visited and commented and liked my little blog! You are so appreciated!



4 thoughts on “I missed it!

  1. Well done Kerry, its a great way of keeping up and you have really done well in all the activities and makes youve done.

  2. Thank you too Kerrie, for sharing so much with me, can’t believe one year has gone by. Look forward to future contributions. Keep it going. God bless from Gran-Granxxxxx

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