We’re having a little dilemma at the moment. 3 children to split between 2 rooms means not everyone gets their own room.   Which means the boy is alone at the moment and the girls share which is good.  Or we thought it was good.  Until the boy decided to get upset every night at leaving the girls and going alone to his room. He doesn’t understand why he has to be alone.

I know it’s a phase but I don’t like the thought of him feeling left out, it’s something I’m very aware of having 3, one being left on the side lines.

So the sleep dilemma is ongoing… do we wait it out or do we bite the bullet and move them all in together then creating a play room getting the toys out of the lounge.

Do we stick them in the loft room which is huge which then means moving us downstairs… and why am I even contemplating this when we are away for 3 weeks at the end of the week – camping and then a trip to South Africa; as well as big decisions work wise… distraction I guess.

So tell me now do your children share? How does it work for you? Come on distract me from all the hundred of big things I need to actually be doing!

Best laid plans…

Sometimes you research and plan and get organised only for it all to fall apart! Yesterday was one of those days. There seem to be a lot of those days with children.  Sometimes it’s due to logistics and sometimes nap time and grumpy children put paid to things.

Sometimes it makes me angry (I like to be in control just a little) and other times it just makes me disappointed that I didn’t get to do what I planned but on days like yesterday sometimes just going with the flow and enjoying the moment means a great and fun day out for all of us. Even though we adults didn’t get to do and see what we wanted to do and see.

Maybe living in the moment and enjoying will make life less stressful. And happier. And more fun. For everyone. Maybe I’ll have to trial it… and get the husband to buy into it…  Long, lovely, London summer days spent in the park… I think I can cope it that’s the result every time.

Lets see how long it lasts.

How do you cope with things not going as planned?

Olympics part 2.

We were so lucky and had great weather!

How scary is this whole temporary stadium made of scaffolding… it moved, a lot.  Especially during the mexican wave and when people were stamping their feet; freaked me out big time!

Much prettier at night…

The tuft was bright, someone get me my glasses!

The Coke Cola Beat Box – strange looking thing!

Loved the commitment from people who dressed up to support their countires! Here’s  one of many! There was even a guy dressed only in a British flag as a toga!

It’s me isn’t it?

Is it just me… It might be, but I’m hoping it’s not.

Anyone else find this whole children’s behaviour thing a rollercoaster? I think I’ve cracked it, they’re being lovely and listening and just being kind to each other… then the next day they’re absolute little monsters with screaming shouting and general nastiness all all around. And so begins the downhill ride. We hit rock bottom and after much screaming and shouting from me this time we seem to start climbing the slope again.

For a few weeks all is great and I have my children back, or rather the children I want back. And the switch is flipped and the monsters return again!

Why… is it that I relax whilst cruising along at altitude letting them think they can take a chance and push until we free fall. Or is it just normal, is it just the continuously changing and evolving, developing life and nature of children?

I don’t know… all I know is that I want MY children back, and dang it they better be back before our flight… I’ve done the nightmare flight and I don’t wanna go back there!

Is it me?? It is isn’t it?