It’s me isn’t it?

Is it just me… It might be, but I’m hoping it’s not.

Anyone else find this whole children’s behaviour thing a rollercoaster? I think I’ve cracked it, they’re being lovely and listening and just being kind to each other… then the next day they’re absolute little monsters with screaming shouting and general nastiness all all around. And so begins the downhill ride. We hit rock bottom and after much screaming and shouting from me this time we seem to start climbing the slope again.

For a few weeks all is great and I have my children back, or rather the children I want back. And the switch is flipped and the monsters return again!

Why… is it that I relax whilst cruising along at altitude letting them think they can take a chance and push until we free fall. Or is it just normal, is it just the continuously changing and evolving, developing life and nature of children?

I don’t know… all I know is that I want MY children back, and dang it they better be back before our flight… I’ve done the nightmare flight and I don’t wanna go back there!

Is it me?? It is isn’t it?


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