We’re having a little dilemma at the moment. 3 children to split between 2 rooms means not everyone gets their own room.   Which means the boy is alone at the moment and the girls share which is good.  Or we thought it was good.  Until the boy decided to get upset every night at leaving the girls and going alone to his room. He doesn’t understand why he has to be alone.

I know it’s a phase but I don’t like the thought of him feeling left out, it’s something I’m very aware of having 3, one being left on the side lines.

So the sleep dilemma is ongoing… do we wait it out or do we bite the bullet and move them all in together then creating a play room getting the toys out of the lounge.

Do we stick them in the loft room which is huge which then means moving us downstairs… and why am I even contemplating this when we are away for 3 weeks at the end of the week – camping and then a trip to South Africa; as well as big decisions work wise… distraction I guess.

So tell me now do your children share? How does it work for you? Come on distract me from all the hundred of big things I need to actually be doing!


5 thoughts on “Rooms.

  1. My kids have shared since my they were 5mths & 2 1/2. But my son (now nearly 3) needs a lot less sleep than my daughter and snores, so my daughter is always tired because she’s been kept awake. We’ve decided its time to give up having a spare room and give them a room each. We haven’t finished decorating, so we haven’t moved her yet – but I’m keeping her old toddler bed in his room for a bit as I’m sure she’ll get lonely in the night and move back in with him during the night.

  2. Our kids, 8 & 5 by choice share a bedroom. Since we put double bunks in Robyn’s room, Christopher hasn’t slept in his room! They love being together, and don’t keep each other awake. I would let them all sleep together, as long as they don’t bug each other. And as and when they want to seperate, go with it 🙂 Good luck! And safe travels! 🙂

    • Love that they want to be together and want to encourage it for as long as possible! Helps that they’re close in age too!
      Thanks for commenting biff!

  3. Our 3 shared and there were no sleep problems (the odd half 6 start as opposed to 7 but no biggie, generally only when Pippa teething) – when Edie was approaching 6 she started asking for her own room, which we duly decorated and delivered – this does work well as she was getting to point of needing less sleep so now she can read quietly in her room without waking other 2 up, but you probably have another couple years to pop them all in together. I loved having them all in same room, made my mummy heart so glad…

    • Your girls are so lovely! I do love hearing them all chatting together at night and playing in the morning! I think I’m going to go with it, just need to convince the hubby now!

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