I have a little problem. It starts with an I.  I’m sure I’m not the only one, maybe you’ve had it too… Ikeaitis – heard of it? I can’t seem to stay away, or keep my wallet in my pocket and even when I’m not shopping I’m dreaming and internet planning!!

How can you not love an all in one shop that has everything from plants and candles to beds and sofa’s, and good meatballs to boot! I go in wanting one thing and walk out with an extra 5 things that I didn’t know I desperately needed until that day! This weekend we went for a wok, didn’t get the wok and instead got curtains, a blind, a pan, candles, a frame, 2 bed side lights for the children and a packet full of food! See what i mean????

If you’ve found a cure, short of emptying my bank account, please could you let me know and please beware Ikeaitits is contagious!


2 thoughts on “Ikeaitits

  1. I know exactly what you mean, my partner and I are terrible when we go in there, our house could quite easily be an Ikea furniture catalogue too! We bought the wok from there about 3 years ago, it didn’t last long as everything just stuck and burnt to it, best to go elsewhere for that one 🙂

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