Upcycled lamp.

I was given 2 old lamps by my mother-in-law not too long ago.  One I really liked the look of it’s base and decided it would be perfect to update a little.

I had a can of white spray paint lying around so gave it a good ol go with that which got rid of the yellowy cream colour that it was. Next I tried to buy a new shade for it… impossible… I didn’t realise that there are different fits (the whole around the bulb) in different countries, or else the light is so old that the standard size has been changed. So after buying and returning and checking other stores I decided to buy some material and cover it myself.

I read a few tutorials to get the general idea (see my Pinterest pages) and had at it!

Getting the material cut correctly was the hardest part as I only had 0.5m and when tracing out the shape it does a big half circle so a couple of tries later I eventually got it to fit. But that could just be me being a little simple!

I used my glue gun to fasten it, first the top and then the bottom – I used some big paperclips to keep it in place whilst the glue dried.

I think it turned out pretty well although I still need to do a little neatening inside with some small scissors.

Next to tackle 2 big wingback armchairs I have been given. Anyone got some tips??? Think I might have to find something smaller to practice on first… maybe


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