Sunhat attempt 1!

I love sewing but I’m not very good. But I decided to be brave! The girls have outgrown their sunhats and ever optimistically I decided to try and make them some new ones from some material I was recently given!

It didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted but it serves it’s purpose I suppose… next one I’m off to Pinterest to get some tips!

It was pretty easy though (double circle and 2 bands) so and fun to make so not a waste of time! And just in time for the last few days of sunshine we’ve had!

Anyone else get impatient and impulsive and just wing it? Mmmm… maybe that’s why I have so many half done projects!

Pinaddicts June Winner

So here it is the winner from this month challenge!! And even though her name was chosen totally randomly she is truly a worthy winner! And it is…

Littleflowerbaby’s Blog.

She made this fabulous book holder which I think is pretty ingenious!

So head on over and see more of her fabulous stuff and what she is getting up to! She has won a £50 Abakhan voucher which has so really really lovely stuff on over so check it out!

Congratulations from all of us #Pinaddicts and thank you to everyone who linked up or visited to see what we were up to!

Pinaddicts challenge

Morning y’all!

It’s my turn to host the challenge this month and I am so looking forward to seeing what everyone has made!

We’re starting a little late this month due to the Jubilee but here is how it works:

This month I decided to attempt the crochet thing.  My mom inspired me when she was here on her last visit when she made the kids a blanket in a week.

I found a U-tube video to learn the basics and off I went! I have loads of projects on my Pinterest Pinaddicts Page but I decided to just do my own thing taking inspiration from it!

Here are some of my makings…

I have to say I am chuffed to bits with them. Am addicted.  It’s so easy and quick! And they make super birthday gifts on the cheaper side of the budget too! The girls are loving the headbands for summer and I’m loving experimenting with different stiches and embellishments!

This month we have a prize provided by Abakhan – seriously head on over to see their lovely stuff – they have something for everyone – fabric to crafty stuff to crochet stuff – all at great prices! This is one £50 voucher I really want to win!! Don’t worry though it’s all done randomly and I don’t need to make any difficult decisions!

Valentines gift.

We’ve never been really big into the whole V day thing. We’ve always done the card thing and for the first few years until the babies arrived we did gifts but this year I decided to make some thing.

When we moved into our house I bought a big frame with 4 smaller frames inside it with the intention of replacing the photo’s with some of our own. Nearly 4 years and 3 children later the frame still has the original pictures in it. With the discovery of pinterest there were a few things I thought I’d try and eventually I decided that since it’s hung above the bed in our room it should be all about us!

The words in the tree are the words from our first dance and the red words are the vows from our wedding. The other words are just a really lovely verse I’d seen the other day describing love. And of course we wouldn’t be us now without our 3 beautiful babies on there somewhere!

Now this project was not without much frustration, shouting and some expletives. The printer ink ran out, the printer decided not to recognise the laptop and then not even print properly!! We got there in the end tho! But I will be reprinting the photo’s again to a better quality and the exact size needed!! GRRRR to technical issues! Anyway!

Here’s to the last nearly 5 years filled with love, fun, excitement and children… and the next 50! I love you my bub!

The Pinaddicts challenge is on!

It’s here, the excitment is emmense for all of the Pinaddicts team, especially our fearless leader who can’t stop saying Whoop and Fabulous!

For this months #pinaddicts challenge (read more about it here) I decided to have a stab at making some creative storage.

I have distinct lack of storage in my kitchen. And I have a distict dislike of open packets and jars lying open in the food cupboard. I saw the below picture and others (see here) on Pinterest and decided to make an attempt.

I decided to use some old discarded jars and marginally modify them so they don’t look like coffee jars and bottles.

A couple of coats of pain, some sellotape to mark off the line for the blue, some printing of the words and a mix of glue and water used to stick it on seamlessly with a paint brush was all it took! And now it’s no more nasty boxes!

It’s not a big thing but you know what anything that makes life that little easier and more organised is a good thing in my book! Even if it is an old disgarded coffee container!

I then decided to turn my attention to the hallway, we still don’t have key holder thingymabob nearly 4 years down the line and hubs wasn’t a fan of just simple hooks.

And so it was decided to do something a little different! See my inspiration below, and more on my Pinaddicts page on Pinterest.

I popped down to the charity shop in my lunch hour and managed to get 2 new frames for under a fiver. Some paint, a little printing and cutting and screwing in of the hooks and they were ready for installation!

Hubby put the nails up and voila a handy key hanger! I’m planning of someday putting some actual photo’s but that will be a while!

Now go find some more super crafty pinners over at Life as I know it.