We’re having a little dilemma at the moment. 3 children to split between 2 rooms means not everyone gets their own room.   Which means the boy is alone at the moment and the girls share which is good.  Or we thought it was good.  Until the boy decided to get upset every night at leaving the girls and going alone to his room. He doesn’t understand why he has to be alone.

I know it’s a phase but I don’t like the thought of him feeling left out, it’s something I’m very aware of having 3, one being left on the side lines.

So the sleep dilemma is ongoing… do we wait it out or do we bite the bullet and move them all in together then creating a play room getting the toys out of the lounge.

Do we stick them in the loft room which is huge which then means moving us downstairs… and why am I even contemplating this when we are away for 3 weeks at the end of the week – camping and then a trip to South Africa; as well as big decisions work wise… distraction I guess.

So tell me now do your children share? How does it work for you? Come on distract me from all the hundred of big things I need to actually be doing!

Bra’s, boobs and bucks!

This is a rant. This is a rant about bra’s and boobs, so if you’re a man or family member who doesn’t want to know then turn around and click on the X button!!!

It’s now a year since Tamsin has been born and 6 months since I gave up on the breast-feeding malarkey! And these poor boobies have been through the mill. 3 pregnancies and breast-feeding episodes in the last 4 years have done their damage. They have grown and shrunk and grown and shrunk and drooped and changed shape so many times that buying a bra has been pretty much impossible!

Am now that I’m finally ready to get the girls back into the place they belong on my chest I’m stuck. My size has increased, permanently it now seems, and they weren’t little girls to start with! I now can no longer buy bra’s at a normal shop like normal people. The easiest place it seems to online as it actually has a choice of colours and shapes and designs!

But the flipping things are so darn expensive. Each bra costing in excess of £30 at a good price. So kitting out the ladies is going to cost at least a £100. Next problem; where the hell do I find that kind of money lying around in the budget? And even more so they don’t last. These poor bra’s have to work hard to lift and tuck and support and they pay the cost. Their wires come out and they fall apart and not years down the line months or weeks down the line!

So you big boobied ladies who has tips on where to get good supportive and ATTRACTIVE bra’s (cause there are some nasty looking ones out there for us aren’t there!!!!)?

Help please, the girls need some love and support!!!

Optimism in the face of adversity

I’m so incredible lucky to have some really lovely friends both here is the UK and back in SA. Unfortunately one of my most loveliest friends is going through a really tough time.

In 2010 her husband was diagnosed with colon cancer.  He was in his early 20’s. It was devastating to hear and to be so far away and unable to offer any practical support or just be there with glass of something warm or winey was tough. But he’s a tough guy, a couple of surgeries and a few months of chemo later and he was on the mend.

Their faith, hope and beat it attitude was something to be admired.  The way in which they supported each other and yet considered all those around them and their needs to see.

A couple of weeks ago I got news that they had found some lesions on the liver and he could need to go for more surgery. A few days ago he had half his liver removed – he is now recovering in hospital. They’ve moved out of their newly renovated house to save some money whilst he is unable to work and will be living with family.

And you know what chatting to my friend, his incredible and loving wife, all she could say was how lovely everyone had been and how supportive and how lucky they are to have such a good team of doctors and staff at the hospital.

Yes, I know it’s a bit of a soppy post, but a huge five to an incredibly stong, loving, supportive, faith filled, super wife who deserves some better times ahead! If I can’t be there for you my friend the least I can do is tell you how much I admire you and your fighter or a husband!

And for those reading any prayers are appreciated for this special couple!

Move on over grandpa

So its peak hour for school traffic and I’m in a rush as usual and the littlest un’ decided to fill her nappy at a most inconvenient time, and then wee as the new nappy was being slotted into position… as you do!

So throw children into the car and off I rush and the traffic on the main road to the school is busy… Now I can see the front of the line of car’s but just can’t see what in heck is holding it up. Oh, a gap in the traffic in the opposite direction and cars start moving over taking what ever is holding them up. And then I see it….

And No this isn’t the actual little old man – I was being very traffic rule conscious and left my phone in my pocket!

Seriously in the middle of a main road, hair blowing in the wind and coat flying out behind him. Really do you have a death wish, I don’t mean to be rude but you don’t have that much longer to go, or maybe you’ll live to a hundred!!

He then turns left off the main road with a smile and wave at all the cars… Ah sweet…. NOT…. that’s the road I need to go down!!! And now he’s driving in the middle of the road on the white dotted line because the road is full of speed humps!!! SIGH!!!! I really am going to be late today!!!!

So eventually we part ways… with a cheery little wave from wrinkles and a gritted teeth wave from a grumpier me ( yes I started off grumpy! Who knew school photo’s could be so darn expensive…. I mean come on I could feed my family for a week on the amount I need to spend!)!

So how do I apologise for being late…. It wasn’t my fault it was the mobility scooters…I got a handful of pee and had to wash down the kitchen table (I know I know the table is not a changing station… but I was in a hurry and thought it was quicker, and my trousers feeling too tight on the bulge and I didn’t want to get on the floor, and I didn’t want the other 2 dressed children to follow me upstairs and start playing and and and… Yes I know excuses all of them… the table is not a changing station!!).

Oh well at least the morning’s been interesting… let’s hope it doesn’t continue that way!

Winter washing

I know I’m getting very domestic…. the things that occupy your mind, and your time!

OK so the weather she is closing in, the days are chillier and the nights longer, which can only mean one thing…. the tumble dryer is working overtime!

So I’ve been trying to cut down on all our additional costs and next on my list is my beloved tumble dryer.  I don’t really know how I would have survived without it this last year! It literally saved my sanity! But the time has come to start cutting down on its use… weaning myself slowly off my lifeline.

And this is my plan!!!

I have decided to start washing in the late afternoon instead of every morning.  That way I can hang clothes on the radiators and on the clothes hanger in front of the radiator without:

  1. Making my house look like a chinese laundry
  2. my children putting my clean clothes on the floor
  3. playing with the clothes horse and getting it stuck on their head (true story!)
  4. and most importantly me not having to see it look untidy all day

And then I can get up each morning to clean and dry washing, all I have to do is fold and pack away during the day. And then start the process of hunting down all the dirties and packing the washer again!

I have also promises myself that IF (a big IF) the weather is sunny (although cold) and a little breezy I will put the hanger outside to get all the wetness off before bringing it in! I will also use the water heater cupboard to hang and dry formal/work shirts to reduce ironing!

That being said however I will NOT be getting rid of beloved, she will remain under the dining table where she lives for those emergency situations that always arise!

Or in case said “best laid plans” all fall to ruin!

How do you cope in winter with the washing…. teach this South African transplant something!

Living for heaven

Man what a challenge! I seem to get so consumed daily by all the little things in life – what to cook for dinner, cleaning, wiping bums… and forget to focus on the heavenly things.

I forget that our “real life is in heaven with Christ and God” Col 3:3. How differently would I spend my time if this was my first thought every day. How differently would I treat people if I lived my life “for heavens sake”. When the end goal is heaven it changes our perspective on life, it chances our priorities and motives. 

We spent such an awesome time last night with good friends discussing and chatting about these thoughts. God certainly knew what He was doing when He made us to live in community! With people who understand and love us and believe the same as us.

It’s such a challenge to live our lives outside of just religion and to rather focus on the relationship. To be real, honest, loving and free of condemnation to EVERY ONE who crosses our path.

So lets live our lives for the joy, expectation and excitement of our “real lives” in heaven! Lets focus on the impact we make for the Kingdom on Heaven. Be it in our husband/wifes life, our childrens lives, our colleagues or friends!

London Riots

The whole situation in London at the moment is so sad! It makes me really angry at the sense of entitlement that some of these people show. The lack of respect and consideration is just disgusting. I really don’t know is it just “jumping on the bandwagon” or due to the “pack mentality” as the press is suggesting or is that just a small part of it.

If there is no absolute moral standard, then one cannot say in a final sense that anything is right or wrong. By absolute we mean that which always applies, that which provides a final or ultimate standard. There must be an absolute if there are to be morals, and there must be an absolute if there are to be real values. If there is no absolute beyond man’s ideas, then there is no final appeal to judge between individuals and groups whose moral judgements conflict. We are merely left with conflicting opinions. Francis Schaeffer

Surely there has to be an underlying problem of lack of respect and moral values. Above all I think the parents are to blame. There needs to be some accountability! Surely if you have a child you need to protect that child, and doesn’t that include knowing where they are and what they are doing. I was always taught “you live under my roof you live by my rules”. Is that not still a valid point? Ok so it didn’t always work for me – I still managed to sneak out and do things I shouldn’t do (not vandalising or robbing stores, more hitch hiking to parties etc!).

If we had paid no more attention to our plants than we have to our children, we would now be living in a jungle of weeds. ~~Luther Burbank~~

But where are the consequences – is it up to the state to discipline our children or should it start at home… I know my answer. And NO my children are not angels but I hope that I will teach them right from wrong and that their actions have consequences.

So what is the answer?

I don’t know. Is it to “make them feel  the full force of the law”? or is it to “love them with leniency”? I think it needs to be parts of both of these.  Yes they should be punished but they should also be able to spoken to in love. To find out what has caused this generation to be so angry and violent.

I know I’m waffling! I haven’t got the answers hopefully someone smarter than me in government will and will “solve” this problem.

I do however have to say that the community spirit that has been shown in the clean up shows the real spirit of London. Lets focus on the good that has been shown and let that shine out and win the day rather than the thugs who tore up London.

All I or we can do is keep praying and hoping for another quiet night on London’s streets tonight and across the UK!