Lord Poxalot

So after a year of waiting for the Chicken Pox to arrive in our house with 27 children in Jenna’s class having it last year and her seemingly missing it every time; eventually it has arrived on poor little Carter.

And boy did it choose a doozy of a week to do it… firstly it’s my long week at work and secondly the hubby has the man flu.  Add to that me coming down with a sore throat that seems to be morphing into something more.

The poor little fella started off mildly but over night they turned into nasty looking big red and swollen bumps.  They’re everywhere – hair, ear, eyelids and bum.  He’s even got one under his foot. Thankfully his eczema seems to be under control at the moment or I think we’d have issues.

He’s been great about not scratching which is good because he is not a fan of creams so thank goodness of Eurax cream that lasts up to 10 hours. Oat baths have helped soothe him too and together with some Piriton syrup he seems to have been coping pretty well and sleeping pretty well at night too.

But he does look like such a sad sack, boys are good at feeling sorry for themselves aren’t they… man flu sufferers in training… but he is cute.

Do you have any tips for surviving the pox?? We might be going through this again in a couple of weeks … oi vey!


We’re having a little dilemma at the moment. 3 children to split between 2 rooms means not everyone gets their own room.   Which means the boy is alone at the moment and the girls share which is good.  Or we thought it was good.  Until the boy decided to get upset every night at leaving the girls and going alone to his room. He doesn’t understand why he has to be alone.

I know it’s a phase but I don’t like the thought of him feeling left out, it’s something I’m very aware of having 3, one being left on the side lines.

So the sleep dilemma is ongoing… do we wait it out or do we bite the bullet and move them all in together then creating a play room getting the toys out of the lounge.

Do we stick them in the loft room which is huge which then means moving us downstairs… and why am I even contemplating this when we are away for 3 weeks at the end of the week – camping and then a trip to South Africa; as well as big decisions work wise… distraction I guess.

So tell me now do your children share? How does it work for you? Come on distract me from all the hundred of big things I need to actually be doing!

A mare, a total nightmare!

Why on earth did I publish that post about a good day!  Stupid stupid, lesson learnt – don’t tempt fate!!

Today has been a crappy day!

2:20 am:  I was awoken by a very cute but VERY wide awake little boy. We managed to convince him to lie down quietly and go to sleep between us.  And was quite, for quite a long time. That however doesn’t mean he was still. What a wriggler, scratcher and peek a boo under the coverer he was!

4am:  I’d had enough and took him back downstairs and chucked tucked him back under the covers.

Amazingly, he went straight off to sleep! Little bugger!

4:40 am:  Lovely little sister starts moaning which then progresses to full-blown hysteria! I hate teeth, hate hate hate them. Well not the actual teeth but just the process, the actual teeth are pretty useful really!

5am:  1 bottle downed.

5:35 am:   Baby dozed off, with her face against mine breathing stinky milky formula breath into mine. And of course every time I moved her she woke up…

6am: Look at clock, groan, move baby regardless of consequences and finally fall asleep!

6:30 am:  Daddy moves and bumps baby. Baby screams.

6:35 am: Bed piled onto by stinky wide awake boy and big girl!

7:15 am: Can’t handle the moaning anymore, downstairs for breakfast.

7:25 am:  Carter turns his full cup upside down on the table.

Let skip to a few moaning, screaming and fighting hours later after a nap that lasted less than 1 and half hours for the kids and 15 minutes for me.

4 pm:  Into kitchen to check on curry in the slow cooker. Baby moaning and whining, paracetamol given and lugged around on hip.

4:05pm:  Arrive back in lounge to see 4 puzzles, 1 box of dominoes and the box full of crayons and pencils all emptied out on the floor. Topped by a healthy amount of sofa cushions and pillows!

4:30 pm:  Lounge tidy, after some naughty step sitting for attitude and disobedience. Children sent upstairs to play quietly in their rooms.

4:40 pm:  A scream, a bump and some crying. Run up stairs to find the Jenna and Carter had an argument half way up the stairs to our loft room and Carter had gone over backwards down the stairs. Check for damage, he’s OK. Tell Jenna off for fighting on stairs, Carter says yes and hits her. She pinches him back. 2 screaming children left sitting on the step upstairs, together.

4:55pm:  Text from hubby “I’m not going to be home at 5 but I’ll be back more at 6”. Crap…

5:10pm:  Hussle them upstairs, a bath should cheer them up. Think this was the only thing that went according to plan today!

5:45 pm:  Settle kids at the table for dinner. Hand out drinks. 1x drink all over the table and floor.

5:55 pm: Hand out food. 1x I don’t like this food. Hubby home! Hurrah!!

6:05 pm:  Dinner done. Snatching of a reading book ensues! Shouting ensues, followed by some more naughty step sitting.

6:15 pm: Head to lounge to relax – bugger! Dominoes all over floor again and 100 odd Disney cards scattered around.

6:18 pm: Carter kicks dominoes and throws them all over the floor.  More time spent on the step – hmm think there might be a dent after today!

6:30 pm:  Some fun with the Elefun game. Not long lasted, decided time to put them all to bed for some quiet.

7:05 pm: 3 children in bed and quiet!

8 pm: a moan, a shout and then a scream growing in crescendo.

8:05 pm:  Nurofen given, a little rocking and it’s now going quiet.

Let’s hope that’s the end of it. And that was just a little bit of it!!  Lesson learnt – don’t get complacent!

At least I have the easier day tomorrow, I’m at work!

Ironing is bad for your health!

I always knew there was a good reason why ironing was bad for my health and this week I was proved correct!

With small kids the list of what to child proof and how to do it is endless! Remove all cords, cover plug sockets, stair gates up, non slip rugs, chemicals up high blah blah blah…. the droning continues!

No one however gives you a list of ways to protect her home from some idiot grown ups!

There are many stories about how people have died from everyday objects in the home – falling into the recycling bin, getting all tangled up in the clothes dryer and golf clubs!

I chatted to a lovely lady this week who after ironing her shirt for work was folding up the ironing board in a hurry and got it stuck! She struggled to close it and with one last attempt pulled it really hard together to try unjam it and hit herself in the head on both sides with it!! She now suffers permanent memory loss and brain trauma!

You see sometimes it’s right to listen to that little voice in your head telling you to “avoid ironing at all costs”!!!

Vindicated! At last!!

Move on over grandpa

So its peak hour for school traffic and I’m in a rush as usual and the littlest un’ decided to fill her nappy at a most inconvenient time, and then wee as the new nappy was being slotted into position… as you do!

So throw children into the car and off I rush and the traffic on the main road to the school is busy… Now I can see the front of the line of car’s but just can’t see what in heck is holding it up. Oh, a gap in the traffic in the opposite direction and cars start moving over taking what ever is holding them up. And then I see it….

And No this isn’t the actual little old man – I was being very traffic rule conscious and left my phone in my pocket!

Seriously in the middle of a main road, hair blowing in the wind and coat flying out behind him. Really do you have a death wish, I don’t mean to be rude but you don’t have that much longer to go, or maybe you’ll live to a hundred!!

He then turns left off the main road with a smile and wave at all the cars… Ah sweet…. NOT…. that’s the road I need to go down!!! And now he’s driving in the middle of the road on the white dotted line because the road is full of speed humps!!! SIGH!!!! I really am going to be late today!!!!

So eventually we part ways… with a cheery little wave from wrinkles and a gritted teeth wave from a grumpier me ( yes I started off grumpy! Who knew school photo’s could be so darn expensive…. I mean come on I could feed my family for a week on the amount I need to spend!)!

So how do I apologise for being late…. It wasn’t my fault it was the mobility scooters…I got a handful of pee and had to wash down the kitchen table (I know I know the table is not a changing station… but I was in a hurry and thought it was quicker, and my trousers feeling too tight on the bulge and I didn’t want to get on the floor, and I didn’t want the other 2 dressed children to follow me upstairs and start playing and and and… Yes I know excuses all of them… the table is not a changing station!!).

Oh well at least the morning’s been interesting… let’s hope it doesn’t continue that way!