Party like it’s your birthday – your 4th birthday!

It was a special little girls birthday this weekend and we had great fun in the wind and occasional rainy spells celebrating her and how blessed we are to have her in our lives!

Kids parties are the worst best aren’t they!

Thank goodness for gazebos’ and aunty’s that help get everything set up!

Mmmm… sugar and mini butterfly cake decorating… thank goodness I get to send most of them home!

Facepainting, tattoo’s, masks, party bags and bbq’ed sausages… it was all going on! With lots of crisps going in apparently too!!

She loved her party! They all did, our next door neighbour even copied the idea for a party 3 days later, sign of success… maybe or maybe it was the 3 knackered children that passed out before their heads hit the pillows!

Happy 4th birthday my big girl baby!