Priceless sunny memories

On rainy miserable days like today I sometimes dream I was back on the beach back home in Port Elizabeth!  Not that the weather has been much better there this weekend with some crazy flooding with roads washed away… say a little prayer for those left homeless and destitute and be thankful for the roof over your head!

But back to dreaming of sunnier days 2 months ago on our holiday…

There really is nothing better than spending time with family and reconnecting with them.  And nothing better than 30 minutes spent playing on Picmonkey going through them and editting them, you gotta love digital technology… as a side note we have just moved all our photo’s to an external hard drive and since 2006 have taken and saved 39 000!! Seriously… that is a crazy amount! Memories, priceless memories!

Cute photo alert!

Here is my current favourite photo of the poor sick boy… here’s hoping his face goes back to it’s previous unblemished gorgeousness!!

He looks so much younger in this photo pre haircut!! Love him!

Home grown just tastes better…

There”s this little patch at the bottom of my garden that my husband built for me, and I love it.  It’s a space to show the kids where their food comes from and supplement our fruit and veg!

And it’s time to start harvesting…

We love it.  Even though the cats this year have caused havoc digging up my seedlings  and the snails and slugs have been out in their army’s chewing up everything in sight… I think I need to invest in some copper tape!

Do you have a little  veggie patch… what’s your favorite and easiest thing to grow?

Sunhat attempt 1!

I love sewing but I’m not very good. But I decided to be brave! The girls have outgrown their sunhats and ever optimistically I decided to try and make them some new ones from some material I was recently given!

It didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted but it serves it’s purpose I suppose… next one I’m off to Pinterest to get some tips!

It was pretty easy though (double circle and 2 bands) so and fun to make so not a waste of time! And just in time for the last few days of sunshine we’ve had!

Anyone else get impatient and impulsive and just wing it? Mmmm… maybe that’s why I have so many half done projects!

Reflections – See it snap it love it

I decided to link up again this week with Dear Beautiful Boy and See it snap it love it.  I love trawling through our old photo’s and this is a great excuse to do so! Especially as I totally forgot about wanting link up again and take a new photo for it!

You can just hear his thoughts in this picture “who’s that beautiful guy in the window? Come here, give us a kiss”.

You wanna see some real talent then click on the link below!

See it snap it love it

I’ve just found a lovely photo linky and decided to join on in!

This weeks theme is love.

I had a hard time choosing one and eventually decided to choose one that we only took a week ago.

I just adore it.  I love the way it shows their personalities and enthusiasm. I love that the smiles on their faces are because they’re chasing their daddy who they love.

I love beautiful smiles and crinkly eyes. I love how they are playing together more and more.

Sometimes when I look at them I just can’t believe how much I love them. How did I create such amazing little people. How lucky am I that I get to love and be loved by them.