SOC Sunday

I love this whole idea of writing what’s on my mind for 5 minutes. Every Sunday it  comes around and I think I’ll find the 5 minutes.

Just 5 minutes with no interruptions. No crying baby or fighting children. No nappy to be changed or phone to answer. No dinner to cook or washing to hang out. No doorbell ringing or shopping arriving.

And every time I sit down to do it something beckons.  And just to prove my point… the power just cut out on the laptop… someone pulled the cord out of the charging part thing… typical.

But I’m back and only have 2 children to watch (the baby and the big girl) the boys are upstairs watching rugby having some male bonding time.

I love that time we get to spend one on one with the kids, to be able to give them full attention.  They seem to just bloom and get so connected.  We try to do it regularly but it doesn’t happen nearly often enough. It’s tough, life with 3 kids under 4 is hard work.

Such hard work that I’ve felt the need to treat myself or rather to cover up the mess that 3 small children make by painting the walls! So tester bottles bought, new curtains have been delivered and some trial wrapping paper has been found. We’ve been here nearly 4 years and I think it’s about time!

Talking about time I think that’s me up! 5 minutes is all you get to steam your consciousness and let it all out!

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