Super C

So after watching my Carter,dressing up in Jenna’s princess dress, ballerina skirt etc I decided it was time to “Boy up” the dressing up clothes!

So I spent a little while scanning the internet yesterday for simple sewing patterns for dressing up clothes. And I found for a superhero cape.

Now I am VERY new to the world of needle and thread and decided to simplify the steps a little. But seriously in about 1hr 30 I had managed to complete this. And I have to say I am pretty darn impressed with myself! And once again I managed to use scraps of material (the other half of Martin’s T-shirt and a pillow case) so it cost me nothing!

Best get scratching through my scraps again as Madam now wants a pink one too since Carter is not willing to share his!

I’m loving making stuff for nothing… who has any other (SIMPLE) ideas? Think I might be trying a bandana and eye patch next!

Chore chart update

So the chore charts have been made and have now been in use for about 2 weeks and so far so good! Fingers crossed!

Jenna loves seeing her “stickers” (aka blue tack sun’s) going onto the chart – using the blue tack (or prestik as it’s known in SA) is great as it makes them reusable.  Carter is not so interested in the chart; as I knew he wouldn’t be. However I thought it unfair that Jenna had a chart with chores and he didn’t.  He does however love pitching in when Jenna is tidying up and will pack away books etc when asked. There are kept on the kitchen door to remind me daily to keep updated with them… although this doesn’t always help to remind the husband!

Most days we manage 4/5 suns which I think is pretty good going – even though they are daily tasks that I expect to be done! Hopefully soon we can extend this to include more chores like helping unpack the dishwasher and vacuuming their own rooms!

One day I’ll have the children so well-trained I’ll be able to sit back and supervise! IN MY DREAMS!!!

One happy husband

So the nursing bra’s are out and the underwires are back in or on as the case may be!!

Wahoo finally for the first time in almost 2 years my boobies are my own! For those of you who have not been pregnant or breastfed unfortunately (or fortunately) you will never understand the sense of freedom this brings! And the sense of happiness in my husband as he no longer has shared ownership of the afore-mentioned numbies!

Milky bubbles

It is with a twinge of sadness that I pack this phase away as at the moment there it is the last time it will be used again! It is an incredible thing to be able to nourish your baby this way and does bring the endorphins on (God has made us so incredibly!).

Full, fat and content

However it never seems to go to plan for me! My hungry babies always need more so then follows hours of expressing and sterilising and supplement taking… Argh seriously on number 1 this wasn’t a problem on number 3 it’s a little more difficult! Especially as Carter has an absolute fascination and love affair with my breast pump (that and the hoover, broom, mop and toilet brush!!).

So here’s to a happy husband and lifted, supported and empty once again boobies! And Lord if it’s in your will; a boob job would be nice!!!

Sun, sand and paddling pools

The last few days have dawned sunny and warm so it’s out with the paddling pool on with the sun cream and out into the garden!!

I have been waiting for these moments all summer.  And waiting and waiting… I mean come on it’s been a very rainy summer, and before you say what do you expect in the UK stop! I know! but just a couple of days a week isn’t too much to ask for is it!!

Anyway back to the topic.  The kids are so much happier when the sun shines, and I can get them out the house, expending energy which = better sleep!!! Yes please!

Unfortunately paddling pool and sandpit = MUD!!! Everywhere!! On my sofa’s, all over my floors (newly cleaned floors I might add; by a cleaner I might add)!! In the paddling pool on my outside chairs and patio on the trampoline – GRRRR!

But lets put it on the scales; happy, sleepy children vs sandy floors? Gotta say the sand wins hands-down! So out with the hoover to clean it all up only to do it all again tomorrow! Yippee (said with just the tiniest bit of sarcasm)!

Being Family

There is nothing better than a morning spent with great friends, in the sun just relaxing, chatting and watching the kids enjoy themselves.  Such is life in the Explore family! Our unofficial extended UK family!

We are so blessed to be part of such a generous, friendly and loving community.  Who love having fun together. Today was our “end of year/Dave Jones party” fully equipped with no less than 3 bouncy castles, coffee and biscuits followed by picnic snacks. AND the Lord heard our prayers and the weather cooperated making a blissfully sunny morning spent with some special people.

I love knowing that our children are loved and supported by our Explore family and that everyone looks out for everyone’s little ones making church such a safe place.

My hope and prayer is that everyone manages to find a “home” where they feel as loved and settled as we do!

Patience… please!!!

Today is obviously going to be just one of THOSE DAYS!! Where everything seems to end in argument and the naughty step is permanently occupied by someone!

How can some days be so peaceful with everyone sharing and getting along and then the next it’s like world war 3 has erupted and no negotiation is going to end it! The only way to end it is by putting on the TV which creates its own drama’s! Seriously sometimes I wish I could climb into their little brains to figure out exactly what is going on inside there.

Jenna is the middle of a full on strop!!

It’s on days like today when I have to really remind myself of the reason’s why they actually deserve me to keep my cool and deal with it like an adult and not like the impulsive 5-year-old that is sometimes trying to get out to retaliate and fight back when I get frustrated!!

On that note I found this verse today:

Proverbs 15:18

A hot-tempered man stirs up dissension, but a patient man calms a quarrel.

Wow there truly is a verse for every occasion! OK p

So today my prayer is for patience, to focus on the positive and try remember all the lovely little things that my children do and say!

num num num

Well we have a little lady in the house who is getting very interested in food, watching the fork go back and forward and starting to moan every time we eat in front of her! And starting to chew chew chew on her little lip! Man it feels like yesterday I was going through these same motions – oh yeah wait it was, well almost! It was exactly a year ago Master Carter started doing the same thing and picking up food that Jenna dropped and popping it in his mouth.

Jenna-May’s first taste of food!

Carter started off a messy very independent eater and still continues!

I’m hoping to hold off for another 2-4 weeks until just after the 4 month mark to give myself at least a little time to get organised and start the endless rounds of pureeing – grrrrrrrr!! Need to empty out the freezer too to make some room!

Seriously time – SLOW DOWN!!!

I do love seeing them trying to figure the whole thing out and their different likes and dislikes however after vacuuming the floor under Carter’s high chair this evening I am not looking forward to accumulating even more mess under the table – not really sure it is possible either!

Oh well here comes the next chapter of food for our not so little anymore Tamsin Jayne – fun times ahead!

Wish me luck!

Spontaneous gratitude

There is nothing better than getting those unprompted “thank you’s” for doing something routine for someone.  Yesterday evening about an hour after putting my 3 year old to bed I heard her get up and go to the toilet.  She seemed to be taking a while so I went up to see if she was OK.  I walked her back to her room and tucked her up into bed and as I was about to give her a kiss she looked up at me and said ” Thank you mommy for helping me with my weeing, I really do love you!”

Heart melting moments.

It did make me think about how often we sincerely thank those around us for doing the mundane things; the cashier at the store, the secretary at the GP surgery, a husband making a cuppa or a manager at work. It’s the polite thing to do but how often to do we really mean it!

This week I’ll strive to create more of those moments for others!

Have you had any of those moments recently??

Hello world!

Well hello www!!

So I’ve finally worked up the courage to do it and write my own blog!

I’m married to a wonderful, loving man and am a busy mom of 3 children aged 3 and under 3 trying to juggle parenthood with friendships, work, my marriage and making an impact for Christ.  Life in our house is pretty chaotic at times and I wouldn’t have any other way (well most of the time)!!

This blog is about my life, my struggles, my triumphs and everything inbetween.  I hope to encourage and receive some encouragement though sharing my thoughts.  I believe that we are all fearfully and wonderfully made in God’s image and my biggest desire is to see my children grow in relationship with Him and develop into happy, respectful and successful individuals.

So lets see how long I can manage to find time to do this for or if I can find anything interesting to write about!