Wot so funee.

This weeks funee happened to the hubby whilst I was at work. Dad was busy feeding the 3 monkeys dinner, with the radio on in the background.  The radio is always on… in our house there always needs to be background noise… it’s not like our house isn’t noisy enough already!!

Anyway back to the point… the kids love the radio and there are some songs the kids just love to sing along to… one of their favorites for the last few months is Bruno Mars – The Lazy Song.

True to form the song comes on and the heads start bopping and little Jenna-May (3,5 yo) pipes up:  “quick dad throw you hand in your pants!”.

Needless to say dad was in stitches… as was I when receiving a call a little later! It’s crazy what their little minds take in and how quickly they learn words from songs!

PS if you don’t know the Lazy Song have a listen… and even if you do it’s worth another listen… and music video is pretty funny too…

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Wot so funee… It’s all about the wine!

I have seen these post for the last few weeks and had a good chuckle! Today I decided to link up and share some of my own funee’s!

My 3 year old Jenna is always coming out with something brilliantly funny and to have somewhere to record them will be fab!

This one happened a few weeks ago now after a particularly long day of trying to wrangle 3 kids into line!

Mommy is sitting at the dining table, head in hands taking a moment!

Jenna: “mommy what’s wrong?”

Mommy: “I’ve got a headache”

Jenna: “Quick mom get some wine in you” *runs for the fridge*!

Gotta love that girl… I wonder who she takes after eh grandma aka Dodo!

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