Chapter 80


Trust all is buzzing nicely around your hive lately, in this hive things are busy like busy bees…ok enough of bee stuff other I might get stung.

Anyway, it does get hectic with running a house for 3 little ones to play in, only having to tidy up after them, although I’m happy to report that JM and CG both have chore charts up and JM especially likes getting her stars on there. Oh may it long continue, but I fear that the novelty will wear off just like it did with me at that age. Actually whom am I kidding; some may say I can’t remember that age and some may say I never had a chore chart.

JM continues to come out with some great one liners, even this evening while sitting and eating some dinner, out of the blue JM says to me, Daddy, why you wearing your “chilly arms”…I looked at Kerry for some guidance and then suddenly realised that JM was referring to the fact that I had a short sleeve T-shirt on. We chuckled a little and then began to explain to JM that she also had a short sleeve shirt on, etc.

The other one that JM come out with the other day was when we had finished supper and about to dish up some dessert, but JM had not finished her supper hence she could not have any dessert yet, so I only had 3 bowls on the table and as you can imagine JM got quiet upset by the arrangement and the long arm of the law, and after a little whimpering she exclaimed, “but Daddy we your kids, we need pudding”

We haven’t really done much this month, it’s been the normal kind of things, and we have enjoyed some good braai’s with our good friends then Hattingh’s. We haven’t been allowed to do much with our babysitters sitting in Australia for 6 weeks, it was nice to fetch my mom and Paul from the airport after visiting my sister Tracey and Robert and little ones in Brisbane. They has a super time and yes, we do wish it were closer, but one day when that Euro lotto comes our way for a change we’ll shoot over there for the afternoon in our private jet…and wake up!!!

We have taken our little lot to a Kiddie Zone, after eagle eye mom spotted a 2 for 1 deal on the net, it was equipped with soft play area and jumping castles and climb frames and a café for the parents, it was great to allow them to run around while mom sat in the café with sleepy TJ. It was sometimes a mission to control CG after JM wanted to go on the bigger play stuff, but soon it will all be different again. And then one random day after work I got home and Kerry had packed the car and we went off for a picnic dinner in St. Albans Park, a rather large park with a great lake and ducks, etc. It was a super time for the little ones who were able to run and run and run and yes were very tired when they came home.

Another illustration of how time flies, is that our JM starts big little school in September. We are going to now have to get her into a routine of getting up every morning and going to school. So yes, JM starts Nursery in September, kind of like pre-primary but to be honest it has taken both Kerry and I a while to get our heads around this UK education system. There is one bonus to this though is that JM does get this education free from the gov, 15 hrs a week free for every 3 yr old child and schooling remains free from then on. But I suppose the older they get the more expensive uniforms get and the stationery side of things. And before you know our little CG will be there too. Our little TJ is growing by the day naturally, following the same profile as JM did actually but as is the case is oh so unique. On the one hand, one forgets about all the different stages TJ has gone through due to the fact that we have the other two to look after and prevent from having a tiff or two but then soon TJ will be in the thick of it cause her own tiffs and having to say a few pennies worth.

Our CG is growing fast to; he is undoubtedly the cutest little menace alive. And menace indeed, there is not a day that goes by with us not having to exercise some discipline with him about climbing the couch and him climbing the book shelf to get our mobiles and cameras, etc. and like most little boytjies its all about the keys. Sometimes, actually all the time, when I walk through the door after a days work expecting to get a hug from my son, I’m a secondary thought to the keys I have in my hand. Note to self, if I’ve thought I’ve lost my keys, all I have to do is look at the shed and they will probably be there. Our little CG is now 16 months and yes the words are starting but for now we are contending with Dada, Mama, Baba, Ta, Num Num and Ja… a good saffer boytjie….

In terms of our church we belong to, Explore church has now got a building in Croxley Green. It has been absolutely amazing how God has blessed our church with this building and how the church has continued to grow and will continue to grow within Gods favour.

Something else to mention that has happened in the last 30 days or so is that my lovely lady has started a blog to rival my chapter writing. Her blog basically follows the day to day happenings of a mom bring up 3 little ones. It makes for superb reading and just like Kerry edits these chapters for me to prevent the glaring mistakes, I can confirm that I do not edit hers. But seriously it does have some good stuff on it already, take a read when you can, you can get some famous recipes off it too.

Here is the link….

With regards to our work, I would like a little favour in my work situation and I would like to really get some work that I enjoy, so I guess some prayer in this area would be great. God knows what I need and would like to do and at the same time want to spend time at home, etc. But why worry cause Gods large and in charge.

Thanks for reading and be blessed you guys and girls.



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