Chapter 81

Trust all is well where this finds you and that the last crazy days have gone according to plan for you.


Life in the Botha household has been somewhat different these last couple of weeks, I’ve been on annual leave, which has caused some disturbance in the routine of how a house runs without Dad during the week. To be honest I’m not one for routine and have quite enjoyed being able to ‘relax’ a little, how ever I must point out that although Kerry has enjoyed the extra pair of hands around, it has not gone according to her plan when it comes to breakfast routine and a little matter of drinking ones milk from the bowl once all the rice crispies or corn flakes have been consumed. This has had a double impact for Mom when JM has turned to me with Mom in the kitchen and said, Daddy you’re the boss hey, and when I’ve answered yes, the bowl is lifted to her lips and the milk is consumed, while mommy gives me the death look…I was ‘deeply’ concerned when this matter even further when CG decided a few seconds later to follow suit, naturally I started laughing but the looks from Mom just got worse. Needless to say for a few days JM would always say daddy is the boss before ‘Milk –gate’ happened. Kerry would then add and JM has followed suit with daddy may be the boss at breakfast time and not for the rest.


To complete that story it did not surprise me that the morning where mommy was in charge of breakfast, they had toast for breakfast.


Well as I’ve said I’ve been on annual leave, 2 weeks out of the suits and the office and yes got a big few weeks when I go back but why worry, God’s large and in charge.


What else has we been up to, it has been a bit of a blur these last two weeks and as I’m sure you can relate when ever a holiday starts you start by thinking of what needs to be done, only then to think why stress I’ve got two weeks off and it can be done whenever cause you have loads of time and before you know it time has past…crazy moment of slight panic when I used to do that with school projects back in the day…..Kerry will say it still happens.


Although I’m pleased to report that all the major DIY stuff was done in the first couple of days, putting up a shelf, fixing the door to CG’s room, fixing TJ’s cot, putting a hanger thing on the side of JM’s cupboard and mowing the lawn. The main things were done, Kerry does always have things on the list, but after asking for a list to be drawn up it wasn’t, which I’m thankful for.


We did discover a Pick your Own farm about 10 miles away from Hemel Hempstead. We went back today to do it again, its great fun for CG and JM to get out and run and collect all sorts of things from Blueberries, Blackberries, raspberries, Strawberries, Potatoes, Carrots, Beetroot, Onions, Cauliflower and loads more. It’s a big 100 acre farm with orchards and fields and literally you take a wheel barrow and then you can take bags and containers to pick your own fruit and veg. You then walk around for about 2 hrs and then get it weighed and hey presto you have £20 worth of stuff for £8. A super cost effective way of fruit and veg shopping and the kids are knackered after running around which is the added bonus on the ride home.


We’ve also been to a safari park, called Woburn Safari Park. Not like we saffers think of a safari park, we know Addo Elephant Park, Hluhluwe and Kruger to name a few, and you can drive around for hours to find the animals that the park has. Well we drove for 10km around the enclosures and saw Tigers, Bears, Lion, Monkey’s, Rhino, Giraffe, Deer, Buck, Ostridge, Wolves, Elephants and loads more. It was nice that they weren’t in cages like a Zoo but in effect it is all the same, animals living in artificial homes. Needless to say the kids loved it, especially when we had then lose in the back of the Zaffy with no car seats. It was crazy fun for the monkeys to be climbing on the car and for the lions to walk right past car while Kerry holding her breath. And for the record when it says, please close your windows and doors and stay with your vehicle when going through the enclosures. Yes happy to report that the doors remained closed but how can you take some cool photos through the windows, much to Kerry’s annoyance and JM’s little chirps too.


It was truly a super day out in ‘safari’, starting at 9am and finishing at 6pm. Happy to report we didn’t leave our little monkey’s behind and they were all fast asleep on the way home. Huge thanks to mom for savings us a packet on foods, we packed a huge a picnic for lunches and dinners for us all. The whole day cost us a massive £5, should have been £55 just for entering…..


The trick to it costing us next to nothing is shopping at Tesco’s (just like Pick n Pay or Spar), every time you shop you earn points and these points can be saved up and is turned into days out for the family. We have another day out coming up soon and a meal out for us 5.


This last weekend something strange happened, I played cricket. Speaking of points meaning prizes. Being off for the first week, I earned enough brownie points to redeem for a cricket match. It wasn’t a great day at that office and we lost the game but it was nice to swing the ball again and swing the bat for a meaty 4 runs. Also had some points left over to escape for a couple of hours for a game of Top Golf with Mr. H, it was great to swing the club too. Top Golf is like a driving range sort of game with points scored for hitting targets up to 240 yards away.


On the church front, we had no formal church these last couple of weeks, but we’ve had some cool socials, we won the car treasure hunt, you may say it was unfair to say we won after only having one other family competing and we had several weeks to look over the clues, etc. but with our church mates we’ve enjoyed a couple of BBQ’s over the ‘summer’ and a good few parks and sprinkler runs during the hours of church on a Sunday.


You may have noticed the word ‘summer’, interestingly this day being the first day of autumn for us Brits and all our saffer mates enjoying the first day of spring. This summer the British have just had is the coldest on record with a average temp over the summer being 15 degrees C. Crazy if you ask me, you don’t call that a summer, it would be an average winter in good old PE.


The Wasp story is short but sweet and a little sting in the tale of it. Last week, up earlier then usual, going down to the toilet as one does, I noticed this rather pesky wasp and being half a sleep but wanting to deal with it because of course I’m a man. On grabbing a ‘over the shoulder boulder holder’ and trying to swat it, it landing on my well contoured tum and promptly stung me, swatting it down again and then letting it meet its maker and flushing it down the loo. Then having to complete the wake up process to realise that it actually stung me was not to pleasant having to go back up stairs and asking Nurse KM for some help and advice on what to put on it to prevent me from becoming a balloon…needless to say Nurse KM called me a buffoon and had loads of “sympathy” for her wasp killer.


Anyway from that ‘big’ fish story to actually factual stuff and full of truth and having some pride in telling you that KM has had some 1500 hits on her blog and many friends have commented on how well it is written and how it is great to read and can’t wait to tune in for the next blog etc.


We’ve had some cool crazy fun over the last couple of weeks and have so much else to say but I need to try and keep these short.


Keep praying for us5 as we pray for you guys out there.

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