Lord Poxalot

So after a year of waiting for the Chicken Pox to arrive in our house with 27 children in Jenna’s class having it last year and her seemingly missing it every time; eventually it has arrived on poor little Carter.

And boy did it choose a doozy of a week to do it… firstly it’s my long week at work and secondly the hubby has the man flu.  Add to that me coming down with a sore throat that seems to be morphing into something more.

The poor little fella started off mildly but over night they turned into nasty looking big red and swollen bumps.  They’re everywhere – hair, ear, eyelids and bum.  He’s even got one under his foot. Thankfully his eczema seems to be under control at the moment or I think we’d have issues.

He’s been great about not scratching which is good because he is not a fan of creams so thank goodness of Eurax cream that lasts up to 10 hours. Oat baths have helped soothe him too and together with some Piriton syrup he seems to have been coping pretty well and sleeping pretty well at night too.

But he does look like such a sad sack, boys are good at feeling sorry for themselves aren’t they… man flu sufferers in training… but he is cute.

Do you have any tips for surviving the pox?? We might be going through this again in a couple of weeks … oi vey!


Counting down…

Months to Christmas – 2

Days to Christmas – 82

Minutes to Christmas – 1957

It’s coming and this year I want to be organised! 

My Pinterest board is brimming with ideas and things I want to do, make and eat!

Like these…

cornstarch and baking soda recipe - looks better than salt dough

I just bought all the ingredients for them and can’t wait to try them!

I’ve also bought all my wrapping paper, twine and Christmas ink pads, I might not have the presents but at least I’ve organised the wrapping! I do admit to circling things in the toy magazine as ideas… not to do some searching for the best prices!

You organised yet??

Bargain bonanza

Man we all love a good bargain and I’ve managed to nab a few lately!! Most are things I’ve been wanting for a while and finally managed to get for a good deal!!

I got this heart frame for £2.50 at the charity shop.

Composter – free on freecycle!!

Bunk bed – £50 on gumtree.  The kids love it! I might spray it white…

And just collected a memory foam mattress from ebay for £2.21, used for a few months and selling due to moving house and needing a smaller bed! It’s amazing… like sleeping in a marshmellow or a big comfortable hug!

Don’t you just love it when you find what you’re looking for and you find it for a good price!

You nabbed a bargain lately?

Build Your Kingdom here

I love this song and love this band, they played at Soul Survivor Momentum this year and were awesome.  They’re so unique and different … it brings back memories of sitting out under the stars, chatting with beautiful friends whist listening to the sound of worship travels across the air.

I’ve been listening to this whilst writing my message for church this week and it just fits so well with what I’m focusing on!  Listen to the words…  “We are Your church, we pray revive this earth, build Your Kingdom here!”

Poor neglected blog

Life has been all change since we got back from our trip to South Africa.  With Jenna starting school until 3pm daily, Carter going 2 days a week to play group and me working longer hours whilst the husband looks for a new job the blog has been the last thing on my mind!

I miss it, but I don’t miss the time it took out of my day.  I miss the comments and the people I have met through the blog but I don’t feel like I have the time or inclination to spend hours on the pc daily to nurture the relationships and meet people on social sites.

Apologies to those who follow that I haven’t had time, or inclination if I’m honest, to keep it interesting. I hope to get back into it but for now family has to come first! But maybe I just need to be more organised time wise with the blog… let’s see, no promises but I’ll try!

Thanks for not unfollowing all you lovely people, maybe your patience will be rewarded… fingers crossed!

The momentum post!


We were blessed recently by friends with tickets to a Christian festival – Soul Survivor Momentum in the summer holidays.  It was something we had been wanting to go to for many years but kids and logistics has always got in the way.  This year there was nothing stopping us besides finances but that’s no obstacle for God as he proved.

There were 8 families from our church that went together and it was an absolute blast.  We loved it and the kids loved it.

Camping with a 4 yo, 2yo and 1yo had it’s logistical complications but nothing a cable tie and some ribbon couldn’t sort out!  I was really surprised at how easily they go into it… for us it was a little harder to get into the super early mornings that seemed to accompany camping in the middle of summer with bright early morning sunshine!

Worshipping and spending time with about 6000 other Christians is WOW!

The weather played along and lovely evenings were spent with under the stars with vino or coffee whilst children slept listening to the sounds of worship drifting over from the big top.

There were sessions for the kids so that we could attend the main sessions and we took ours to the evening worship sessions from 7-8pm where they loved dancing around!  There was also supervised movies for children over 5 so that parents could go to the evening talks.

You know what if you have the chance do it, go with friends and enjoy some special and inspiring times with God.        Next time I’ll make sure I remember a potty – 2am toilet block runs are not fun!

Summer holiday that so wasn’t a holiday!

So the summer holidays are over.  They’ve been good but they have also been a roller coaster ride… we’ve been away – camping for the first time with children and then in South Africa visiting family who hasn’t been well, Jenna-May has started school and my husband has taken voluntary redundancy resulting in me returning to work full-time whilst he job hunts.

Seriously, sometimes I wonder what else could be thrown at us but hey at least it keeps the ride of life interesting! I look forward to getting through the next season and looking back to see how God has provided, set things in place and worked His will in this time.

So how has your summer been? Eventful? Missing it yet?



We’re having a little dilemma at the moment. 3 children to split between 2 rooms means not everyone gets their own room.   Which means the boy is alone at the moment and the girls share which is good.  Or we thought it was good.  Until the boy decided to get upset every night at leaving the girls and going alone to his room. He doesn’t understand why he has to be alone.

I know it’s a phase but I don’t like the thought of him feeling left out, it’s something I’m very aware of having 3, one being left on the side lines.

So the sleep dilemma is ongoing… do we wait it out or do we bite the bullet and move them all in together then creating a play room getting the toys out of the lounge.

Do we stick them in the loft room which is huge which then means moving us downstairs… and why am I even contemplating this when we are away for 3 weeks at the end of the week – camping and then a trip to South Africa; as well as big decisions work wise… distraction I guess.

So tell me now do your children share? How does it work for you? Come on distract me from all the hundred of big things I need to actually be doing!

Best laid plans…

Sometimes you research and plan and get organised only for it all to fall apart! Yesterday was one of those days. There seem to be a lot of those days with children.  Sometimes it’s due to logistics and sometimes nap time and grumpy children put paid to things.

Sometimes it makes me angry (I like to be in control just a little) and other times it just makes me disappointed that I didn’t get to do what I planned but on days like yesterday sometimes just going with the flow and enjoying the moment means a great and fun day out for all of us. Even though we adults didn’t get to do and see what we wanted to do and see.

Maybe living in the moment and enjoying will make life less stressful. And happier. And more fun. For everyone. Maybe I’ll have to trial it… and get the husband to buy into it…  Long, lovely, London summer days spent in the park… I think I can cope it that’s the result every time.

Lets see how long it lasts.

How do you cope with things not going as planned?

Olympics part 2.

We were so lucky and had great weather!

How scary is this whole temporary stadium made of scaffolding… it moved, a lot.  Especially during the mexican wave and when people were stamping their feet; freaked me out big time!

Much prettier at night…

The tuft was bright, someone get me my glasses!

The Coke Cola Beat Box – strange looking thing!

Loved the commitment from people who dressed up to support their countires! Here’s  one of many! There was even a guy dressed only in a British flag as a toga!