What I didn’t know when having children

There are some things you expect when you have kids.  You expect that you might have some interrupted sleep… what you don’t expect is that you get used to it; that you and 1am, 3am and 4am get to be best friends!

You expect that sleep ins are a thing of the past… what I didn’t know is that 7am becomes the new sleep in!

You know that will be nappies… what I didn’t know is that sometimes those nappies, they don’t work! Sometimes there is more poo outside of the nappy than in! Or that sometimes you hands become the nappy!

You know there will be snot and colds… what I don’t know is that your newest fashion accessory will become the snot smear, strategically placed directly over the left boob! AND that a cold doesn’t just mean feeling under the weather; it means not being able to breathe or take a dummy or drink a bottle or leave mommy’s lap for more than 5 minutes without a whinge!

You know that time becomes precious, but not that precious that we don’t wish it away to babies next stage (talking, walking, sleeping). That some of the most precious time is when baby is in bed at night and you and hubs are alone.

That holidays with small children are more difficult…. what I didn’t know is that it takes you longer to plan, pack and organise for the holiday than the holiday actually is. And that no matter how much planning and packing you do there is ALWAYS some unforseen happening that you didn’t pack for.

You know that time to yourself becomes scarcer… what I didn’t know is that time on the loo becomes the “new me time”. And that even that is generally short-lived!

What you didn’t know, even though you should have but no one told you, is that even though all these things steal you time, your fashion sense and sleep there is NO better way to spend your time than with your little one! On the floor playing puzzles, wiping butts, cleaning faces, feeding bottles or rocking to sleep.

Nothing beats it… well nothing besides a weekend in a 5 star resort, by yourself, on the beach with a good book and maybe a cocktail or 2! Followed by a full body massage and a seafood platter, followed by possibly more cocktails! Ah… dreams… they can happen you know…. in your dreams!