Generous gets as generous gives.

I am constantly reminded in the little ways that the more you give (to people, places, work and finances) the more you seem to get in return.

It’s a well know known fact that the more you put into a relationships with people the better it will be and the more you will get from it. Doesn’t this hold true for all relationships though.

It reminded me of a situation we had not to long ago. We’ve got this car, it’s our second car, and it’s a bit dodgy.  The engine lights been on for about 2 years on and off but no specific cause can be found for it. As it’s the second car it also tends to be left on the side line and no be top of the priority list when it comes to services and general care.  But in the last 2 weeks it’s started fighting back, wanting to be noticed and needing a little love! We now think the catalytic converter needs replacing; *GULP* which is estimated to cost us alot!

It’s one of those big expenses… which have no money allocated to them!

Last week we decided it’s time to start giving formally to our church (we’d taken a short break whilst I was on maternity leave).  Not quite sure where exactly it was going to fit into the budget we did it anyway. 2 days later there was a surprise deposit into our account from HMRC for back payed funds. Enough to cover the car with a little extra to possibly finally (nearly 4 years later) get some curtains for the lounge!!!

Just another reminder that when we are faithfully generous in our lives that generosity seems to multiply and come back to us!

Just this week something we have been searching for on E-bay for the last 2 months for was offered to us – for free! God knows our needs we just need to trust in Him and his goodness!

What can you do to be generous today… in your time, your skills, your money or your friendships????