There’s this guy I know…

I meet him over a decade ago. He’s now my best friend. This guy knows me better than anyone, including my husband. He’s someone I talk to when I need advice, and he always gives good advice. It’s not always the advice I want to hear but he’s always right!!

After everything we’ve been through together, all the changes, the good times and the tough times I know he’ll always be there for me no matter what I do or how wrong I get things. He’s just one of those good guys who likes to give second chances, and third and fourth… He’s always around to pick up the pieces and help me put myself back together again.

He’s so much fun.  He loves laughing and having a good time.  He loves giving presents too, and he gives the best ones ever! We’ve had the more incredible times smiling, travelling and having fun. He seems to get on with most people who once they get to know him love him just as much as I do!

He’s the kind of guy that would do anything for his friends. He would give up everything for me, for all of his friends, literally his life.

This guy is so darn special and amazing he has had tons of love songs written about him, and even some books! Now how many of your friends can say that!

I wish everyone had a friend like mine, everyone deserves someone who loves them so unconditionally and without reserve.  Someone you can just be YOU with. Someone who knows you and knows how you are feeling and how you are made without you even having to say a word.

The best thing about this guy? He’s always willing to make new friends, there’s always space in His diary for new people! So go on give him a call, once you meet Him I promise He’ll become your best friend too!