Bra’s, boobs and bucks!

This is a rant. This is a rant about bra’s and boobs, so if you’re a man or family member who doesn’t want to know then turn around and click on the X button!!!

It’s now a year since Tamsin has been born and 6 months since I gave up on the breast-feeding malarkey! And these poor boobies have been through the mill. 3 pregnancies and breast-feeding episodes in the last 4 years have done their damage. They have grown and shrunk and grown and shrunk and drooped and changed shape so many times that buying a bra has been pretty much impossible!

Am now that I’m finally ready to get the girls back into the place they belong on my chest I’m stuck. My size has increased, permanently it now seems, and they weren’t little girls to start with! I now can no longer buy bra’s at a normal shop like normal people. The easiest place it seems to online as it actually has a choice of colours and shapes and designs!

But the flipping things are so darn expensive. Each bra costing in excess of £30 at a good price. So kitting out the ladies is going to cost at least a £100. Next problem; where the hell do I find that kind of money lying around in the budget? And even more so they don’t last. These poor bra’s have to work hard to lift and tuck and support and they pay the cost. Their wires come out and they fall apart and not years down the line months or weeks down the line!

So you big boobied ladies who has tips on where to get good supportive and ATTRACTIVE bra’s (cause there are some nasty looking ones out there for us aren’t there!!!!)?

Help please, the girls need some love and support!!!