A blessed time of year!

Christmas truly is a time for family, friends and faith and it’s around this time every year I start thinking about how incredibly lucky we are have all 3 of those.  Every year I wish we were closer to family and friends we love but I can’t remember once thinking I wish I had more faith at this time of the year!

It’s a time that inspires faith! It’s a time that makes us remember what makes our/my chosen religion is so special and a time to remind ourselves of why we believe and how we came to that decision!

The inspirational story of a brave young lady, pregnant whilst still a virgin; of a stand up young man who decided to stick with his lady even though her story made no sense and people would have judged him unfairly. Of a special baby born and laid in a manger. Visits from angels, magi and special, magical stars that guided the way.  It’s a story soo unbelievable it’s got to be true.  It’s a story the whole world celebrates – whether or not they believe, it’s a symbol of hope and peace in a world that so badly needs it!

So lets celebrate this year with love, peace, thanksgiving, family, friends and faith! May the magic of christmas touch each and every one of you!

I think Jenna’s prayer tonight so brilliantly sums it all up: “Thank you for Christmas, thank you for reindeer food and Santa. And thank you for Jesus Christ so we can all live for always”.  Out of the mouth’s of babes!!

God bless and Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Just a little something to add to top up the Christmas spirit – it just isn’t christmas without a little Boney M!!