You know it’s summer when…

The smell of sun cream is in the air. There are wet costumes and clothes strewn across the floor. The bugs invade through the open doors and windows.  The washing is sun-dried and not tumble dried. My tomatoes and beans are ripe. The trampoline and paddling pool get daily use.  The lounge floor is covered in sand, as is the couch, bathroom and kitchen!

The children are happily and quietly playing outside and not wrecking the house. You are chasing after little boys to try to keep their hat on.

The glass of wine you are drinking has perspiration on the outside and dinner is a picnic on the grass. When ice cream is the dessert of choice every night and salad seems to be the best option to accompany every meal. Braais (BBQ’s) are frequent and trips to the park begged for daily.

When shoulders look a little sun kissed and children’s hair gets golden highlights from the sun.

Lets hope THIS summer continues for just a little longer… I’m not ready to get out my coat just yet!