Bubbling fun

The weather has cleared which means time spent in the garden! Of course the bubbles Jenna recently got for her birthday made an appearance!

Daddy makes the biggest bubbles!

What’s your kids favourite things to do on a sunny day in the garden??


If I had a day to myself…

I’ve decided to do the Britmum’s prompt of the week! It’s a first for me but sometimes you just need the inspiration!

I’ve been reading everyone’s post of this all week and been fantasising over what I’d do so here it is!

Firstly I would walk out the door after a sleep in with no alarm (child or electric) leaving all the children behind and feel figs!! A day without me won’t hurt them… really!

I would arrive at my destination and strip down to my teenie, tiny bikini (this is my dream day to myself isn’t it!!!) and stretch out on my warm towel on the soft sand!

The beach would look something like this: One of our favorite beaches back home in Port Elizabeth or maybe like this

Ah the honeymoon days in Mauritius!!

30 minutes of roasting done, roll over to ensure a nice even colour! 30 minutes later off to the sea for a lovely cool refreshing swim… with dolphins! I return to dry land to find some kind person has placed a great big condensation covered Mojito next to my towel, with a bowl of some fresh mango, litchi and watermelon to the side.

Oh wow to be on the beach without having to chase down children to cream, to stop from eating sand and seaweed and eat food that hasn’t been covered in sand!

A couple more hours of sunning myself and reading a book (Marian Keyes maybe – beach material) I decide to stroll back to my house overlooking the beach. A lovely warm outdoor shower is followed by a long afternoon nap.  Hubby arrives just in time to cook up a beautiful fresh seafood platter with prawns, mussels, lobster and fish served with a cold glass of bubbles! Followed by a huge bowl of tiramisu. All this obviously eaten on the veranda overlooking the beach.

We take the blanket and left over bubbles down to the beach where we lie down and stare at the stars and watch the luminescent algae glow in the waves!

And then it’s back to reality! To the little people I love enough to know that occasionally I need time away from them to make my time with them even better and more appreciated!