Recycled decorating

We have recently moved Jenna into her own room whilst the “babies” now sleep in the old childrens room.  We have been incredibly blessed to be given some preloved curtains and coverlet. Granny generously swopped her trudle bed for another single bed that we had been given (blessed again).

So the curtains were trimmed and hung, the bed made – complete with coverlet and quilt made by Dodo. We were also generously given by family some glow in the dark butterflies which have been put up (look so gorgeous by the way)!

But the room was missing something… a picture…???

So after a little browsing the internet I decided to make my own fabric art. I found an old frame which I decided to cover in fabric. The scrap bag was scratched through and some suitable pieces (an old cushion cover, martin’s old T-shirt and left over bits of curtain)  found.  A bit of fabric glue and glitter and hey presto a picture.

Jenna was super excited by her butterfly picture – needless to say the fact that it hadn’t been put up before she went to bed that night resulted in a MAJOR tantrum! Daddy best get DIYing!

The old frame

So here it is – my first attempt! And it cost ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! (PS – the glue is still drying)!