The momentum post!


We were blessed recently by friends with tickets to a Christian festival – Soul Survivor Momentum in the summer holidays.  It was something we had been wanting to go to for many years but kids and logistics has always got in the way.  This year there was nothing stopping us besides finances but that’s no obstacle for God as he proved.

There were 8 families from our church that went together and it was an absolute blast.  We loved it and the kids loved it.

Camping with a 4 yo, 2yo and 1yo had it’s logistical complications but nothing a cable tie and some ribbon couldn’t sort out!  I was really surprised at how easily they go into it… for us it was a little harder to get into the super early mornings that seemed to accompany camping in the middle of summer with bright early morning sunshine!

Worshipping and spending time with about 6000 other Christians is WOW!

The weather played along and lovely evenings were spent with under the stars with vino or coffee whilst children slept listening to the sounds of worship drifting over from the big top.

There were sessions for the kids so that we could attend the main sessions and we took ours to the evening worship sessions from 7-8pm where they loved dancing around!  There was also supervised movies for children over 5 so that parents could go to the evening talks.

You know what if you have the chance do it, go with friends and enjoy some special and inspiring times with God.        Next time I’ll make sure I remember a potty – 2am toilet block runs are not fun!