Captain Carter carnage!!

Well today has just been one of those days! Tamsin has been teething so has been a bit of a miserable sod – man who swapped my little angel for this little monster drama queen! So whilst trying to sort out Tamsin who was having a little screaming fit, Carter was playing unsupervised in the lounge.

The saying “when it goes quiet they are doing something they shouldn’t” generally applies in my house so off I went to see what he was up to. In I walked to see this…

And yes the red spots are blood, he cut himself whilst causing destruction but obviously decided the pleasure was worth the pain.

Obviously this all happened as I needed to run out the door to fetch Jenna from school.

Nap time done, snacks handed out and children herded into the garden for some fresh air. Once again Carter goes quiet so out I go and this is what I see…

And what you probably couldn’t see in that photo is this…

He broke apart loads of the pegs… which I then needed to fix! And how on earth did he get them when they were on top of the water-butt!

Yes I know it’s falling apart; no one told the South Africans to empty it before it freezes over in winter!!!

And one last thing… the little monkey managed to find my food colouring, which was in a tin in the cupboard and somehow get it ALL over his hands and in and around his mouth!

Think this puppy needs a leash!!