A bit of snap slapper love today!

It’s time to show my picnik fun this week… very annoyed as these pictures are showing very blurry as i’m adding them, but there not really I promise!

I love this little show of sibling love! and I found a new frame that compares the 2 photo’s too this week!

I just wish I could show the love for Picnik as clearly my dear departing friend! But from now on until the date of departure… I’ll take advantage of your Premium section WAHOO!

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This time next week…

I’ll be sitting at my desk with a cup of coffee! Yes, it’s true, I start back at work in exactly a weeks time!

I’m a little freaked out by that fact I’ll confess! Firstly that my littlest baby is getting so big (nearly 7 months) and secondly that holy crap how on earth am I going to juggle 3 children, a husband, a house and work! I’ve started trying to get organised by doing some meal planning, cooking up and freezing some meals, making sure that everything (toys and clothes) have been sorted out and my favorite treat – booking in a date with my once a month cleaner!

Now don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy my work but I enjoy my children more! And I wouldn’t mind working so much if I didn’t have to fork out a fortune on childcare! My big consolation however is our absolutely fab childminder! She just adores our kids and they in turn think she’s the bees knees!

I’ve decided to take it easy on myself and ease into working again slowly by using up my KIT days and then officially starting in December with my 25 hours a week!

What are your top tips for dealing with the work and family conundrum?? HELP!!

It’s coming… Jingle Jingle can you hear the bells!

I absolutely love Christmas! I know it’s just over 2 months away still but I’m mentally starting the count down!

I know money is tight, and no not in a “my clothes are snug” kinda way more like I’m a size 20 and money is a size 8 that I’m trying to squeeze into kinda way! So I know it’s not going to be a big present year. But it’s not about that is it.  It’s the whole feel of christmas.

Christmas just feels so much more Christmassy in the UK with the snow and cold weather… as much as I love Christmas dinners on the veranda and boxing days spent drinking pimms and eating watermelon and mangoes on the beach in South Africa, Christmas in the UK feels very different.

I love all the lights (and yes husband I will be putting some up this year!! And No i don’t think they look Kitsh!) I have just started on making a fabric and felt advent calendar for the kids (these things take time gotta start early) AND I’m already thinking about all the yummy meals we will be having.

Most of all now that my children are a little older I can’t wait to start making Christmas one of those magic times! I remember that feeling so well, the anticipation and excitement, the meeting up with family we haven’t seen in a while, the songs, lights, tree and yes the presents too. I am sad ALL the grand parentals aren’t going to be here this tho but we’ll just have to make do and survive!

This year I’m looking forward to consuming mulled wine (lots of it) without guilt and without being pregnant! Hallebloominglujah!!!

So I’m looking for some special things to do with the kids in the build up…. the santa snacks and drink… the reindeer food… who has any special and fun Christmas rituals… or can remember then from when you were small??? Please share!!

Tuesday Truth … Time

I know us moms never seem to have enough time in our day to do everything we want to do! Every single night I go to bed thinking “damn, I wanted to do…” you fill in the gaps! Every single night!

This week I’m going to focus on giving more time to my kids.  Focusing on giving time to my children when I should be doing a hundred and one other things. After all they are the most important time-consuming thing in my life.  Time to get on the floor and play puzzles, cars, dinosaurs and babies. Time to listen to what they have to say… without another ear paying attention to something else.

I found this saying:

” Some parents are prone to give their children everything except the one thing they need most.  That is time: time for listening, time for understanding, time for helping, and time for guiding. It sounds simple, but in reality it is the most difficult and the most sacrificial task of parenthood. Emma K Hulbert

It’s true… so often I think about the things I want to buy or get for my kids and not what I already have to give, which is free.

How else are we going to “teach your children to choose the right path, and when they are older, they will remain on in” Proverbs 22.6; if we don’t take the time to do it.

Afterall that’s what it’s all about isn’t it. Teaching our children to grow up into lovely, kind, mature, giving and “good” people. To guide them into adulthood, and if time is what it takes to do a decent job then that’s what we need to give.

So leave the toys on the floor, hoover another day, take the easy option for dinner and get down on the floor (WARNING – you may get dirty from lack of cleaning) and have fun!

And it begins

Wow, I can’t believe that tomorrow Jenna starts her school life.  From tomorrow on for the next 15 years (about) every day she have to get ready to go to school – which means I will have to be more organised!

That from tomorrow (even though she is mornings only for the next year) I will have to make sure bags and clothes are labelled. I will have to be up regularly at the same time every morning, and start moving with a deadline! Thank goodness school here starts at 9am and not 8am like South Africa!

I am looking forward to the time I’m going to get to spend alone with my little man whilst the littlest lady has her morning snooze! I think my house might feel a little empty and quiet tho!

What I am not looking forward to is the dropping off in the rain… and obviously tomorrows forecast is heavy rain in the morning! GRRRR! Seriously someone needs to come up with a concierge service! Taking all 3 kids out the car and running the almost 100m from the parking lot to the school dragging a car seat and toddler and carrying another toddler (he likes splashing in puddles or lands up falling in them) is almost mission impossible! Mmmm… think this year I need to invest in some wellies and a rain coat! Yes I know, I’ve been here over 5 years and have resisted this long!

So as I said here it begins… here is the start of my daughter asking questions I don’t know the answer to and learning more than I could ever remember!

I do have to say that she is so so excited to be going back! I think there may be some tears though when she realises her best friend has moved schools and won’t be with her any more! Life lessons begin young!

What a full day

So yesterday was a bit of a hectic day! A lovely day but a hectic day!

We started off having a cuppa with some lovely friends – which in itself is a bit hectic with 10 children belonging to 4 mom’s and a gate crasher dad! It was just a great time catching up with some beautiful friends and some lovely special news!

Off home we trundled for lunch and nap time which didn’t really happen as the kids had naps in the car on the way home instead – boo to no time off for me! Oh well! Martin who is currently on 2 weeks of leave at the moment organised to play a game or 2 or 3 of top golf. At about this time our neighbour asked if she could take me up on my offer to look after her 4 and 3-year-old for a couple of hours whilst they finish some decorating.

So off went my husband and in came 2 more children, I decided to borrow a friends 9-year-old for some moral support and to try even out the numbers!

Got to love 9-year-old baby sitters – obstacle courses made, trampoline games organised, paper airplane races run and picture drawing supervised! I really think I should get me one of these!

Next granny and paul arrived with dinner in anticipation of some baby sitting! Next Aunty Lee Lee and Dave arrived for dinner with load of lovely pressies from her South African trip over the summer holidays!

Some gorgeous dinner was consumed (cottage pie, stuffed marrows, cauliflower cheese, sweet potatoes, spinach and peppers – WOW) – thanks Paul!

Then it was time to put 2 little ones to bed before we hurried out the door for life group!

And this is the point of the whole post… I got to life group and started explaining how hectic my day had felt. But during the course of the evening in just spending time with God, I started to think of how lucky I was.

My day wasn’t hectic, it was FULL. Full of friends and family and beautiful children and great food. How blessed am I to be able to fill my day with these special moments and times.

I’m going to choose to think of my day this way as FULL and NOT hectic.

How about you?

Day on the farm!

Today with a decent weather report we decided to check out a local Pick Your Own Farm.  They have over 30 types of fruit and veg and you just wander around with your wheel barrow and help yourself!

Jenna loved looking for ripe fruit and veg whilst Carter just enjoyed sitting in the mud and running around! He did help with the collection of onions and potatoes! And the eating of strawberries and raspberries off the plants!

Due to some poor timing on our side and forgetting our wallets at home we managed to arrive at bottle time for Tamsin! Poor little girl just had a bottle propped in her mouth whilst we ran off enjoying ourselves!

Lunch time happened right in the middle of picking so sandwiches were handed out for eating on the move and in the wheelbarrow.  TJ loved her butternut, apple and potatoe lunch on the run too!

Time to head home for naps via the till! Our nearly full wheelbarrow full of courgettes (5), potatoes (2kg ish), onions (2.5kg – Carter couldn’t stop collecting them), raspberries, strawberries, 2 garlics, 2 cauliflowers and a huge cabbage all came to a grand total of £8!! A deal I think so!

Such a super idea for a healthy educational and fun day out for the kids – and you walk away having filled up the fridge! Next time we’ll pack a picnic and make use of the tables and play area too!