My house my home.

I had a day at home alone! First time in nearly 3 years! Yes, I was sadly very excited, even though it was because I wasn’t feeling well.

Do what did I do… After sending the kids off to school and the childminder I went back to bed with my breakfast. Read my book and had a nap.

Cleaned the kitchen, did a load of laundry, watched a little tv, did a little online shopping and started feeling much better.

Guilt, it’s always there isn’t it…I feel like I could have done so much more… but I didn’t! But I think that’s OK. Right now it’s OK, for now.

Then a little more more cleaning was done and I decided to brave the chilly weather outside. Decided to go for a leisurely swim, I had to hand in swim lesson forms anyway. Had a warming cuppa and read my book. Organised 3 blog posts for the coming week. Cooked dinner and then it was time to get the kids.

I do have to admit to sitting to listen for little voices waking from a nap, and at one point even nearly getting up to check on them they were so quiet! My home just felt a little empty without them. Home after all is only home when it’s full of family and friends, otherwise it’s just a house. I’ve realised to today that no matter where we live it’ll alway be home, just because we’re all there together. Today I realised that as much as I want a bigger and better house, it’s just that, a house, a shell. Without my family in it, it’s not my home. I look around and see little bits of my family scattered around, a train, a fairy, a muslin, some socks and as much as they do bug the heck out of me, today it’s OK, cause my house, it’s my home which is the whole point isn’t it!

So did I enjoy my day? Sure I did! Will I do it again? Anytime! As long as my family come home soon!

Mommy’s helper

So Jenna asked today what the laundry basket was for (one of her silly questions)?  I told her I was going to collect all the dirty washing and she continued to munch down on her Pita bread and cottage cheese lunch!

After finishing she grabbed the basket and toddled upstairs to start “helping”. After I finished feeding Carter and Tamsin I took them upstairs for their nap and my handy helper had put all the clothes from her room, Carters room and the bathroom in the basket. She then ran up to our room to bring down some of other clothes.

It made me wonder how often I underestimate how much the children understand and are capable of.  So here is the start of chores! It’s not that they don’t help out but I think it’s time to formalise it! Chore charts at the ready and here we go!

After all if the Obama children have to tidy their own rooms, make their beds and do their laundry I think mine can too!