snot and sneezes

Well this week has been crap! 3 children with 3 colds, 1 week of night-time waking (numerous times), 1 course of antibiotics, 1 child off sick from school, 2 children with bad eczema flare ups = 1 super tired mommy.

You know you’re in trouble when there are snot trails on the sofa, your shirt and their sleeve. Tissues and wet wipes stashed at strategic points around the house and dirty ones found in the oddest of places.

The TV’s been on almost constantly to keep the whining to a low hum, chicken soup has been made, copious amounts of paracetamol and Nurofen are administered and one VERY useless GP is visited.

Thank goodness for fun interludes of dinner with good friends to give me something to look forward to in an otherwise sad, depressing and exhausting week.

It will end, I know, but when dammit when!!!!

For now I’ll stock up on some more tissues and bottles of the good stuff…. and a couple of glasses of something bubbly for me at the end of a long day!!! and I’ll beg the hubby to take the kids downstairs so I can have a sleep in!! Please….