Our first Half term day out!

It’s been our first proper half term with Jenna at school… so thank you to Tesco’s once again for vouchers enabling us to have another fab day out! Gotta love getting something back for something you normally spend anyway!

Picnic packed, bag packed and an extra pair of hands roped in (thanks Aunty Lee Lee) to help we ventured out to Willow’s Farm in London Colney.

We got there pretty early, obviously not early enough though as it was PACKED! At 10am we were ushered into car park 4! seriously, I almost considered turning around then. And then double buggy full of kids and bags we rounded the corner and saw the queue (hate spelling that word!!)… oh my… welcome to half term week days out!

Despite the hoards it actually didn’t feel that busy outside as it’s just so huge!

There is sooo much to do… from farm animals, to a disco, to little ride on cars, sand pits, diggers, carousels, trampolines, play areas, jumping castles, mazes, indoor play area… and the list goes on!

And best of all there is definitely something for ALL the kids! And all ages!

It was such a lovely warm day we spent almost all of it outside in the play areas and feeding the animals.

Carter as usual loved the sand pits and trampolines, Jenna on the other hand loved feeding the animals, the carousel and swings. Tamsin, well, she just enjoyed feeding her face at every chance and watching the world!

Llama fed, children filthy, picnic eaten, carousel ridden, play area escaped without losing a child it was time to make a hasty retreat as over tired children started to melt down after a full 5-6 hours of fun!

It’s a brilliant day out, pricey but brilliant! Good on ya Tesco’s!

A prince, a princess and a castle

Yesterday afternoon was so lovely we decided to venture out and rather than the boring old park (for mom that is) we thought we’d try something different… hence the old castle in Berkhamsted was our venue of choice – I though it was safer than the canal walk we were initially going to do!

The kids loved it! Jenna especially is loving the magic of castles and princesses! Carter just loved the space to run and kick a ball and Tamsin well she just enjoyed bouncing around in the buggy with lots of little giggles!

We got to walk around on the hill/wall around the castle, the kids loved being up high and seeing stuffs down below. It might be a little treacherous if wet though, and I’d advise a smaller buggy for the trail or a 3 wheeler if you have one!

As usual of course we forgot the camera at home! Thank goodness for new phone technology!!

I’d love to see this place in spring when all the flowers were in bloom, especially in the “moat”.

The kids as usual loved collecting leaves, sticks and acorns!

Ok so we didn’t brave this high hill in the middle with the kids! I was convinced one would go sliding over the edge and there was NO WAY I was pushing/carrying a buggy up that!

We made it all the way round in one piece – here’s the proof!

Time for some rolling fun (attempting to)… or sliding down on our tummy backwards… as you do!

We love the stairs!

Poor Jenna kept trying to find her way into the castle… gotta admit there were a couple of tears on explanation that it was a broken down castle that we couldn’t go into! She tried sprinkling some pixie dust which disappointingly didn’t work either!

This is our bedroom in the castle mom!

Some space to run and some benches for mum’s bum!

Trying to teach the kiddo’s to roll…. mmm…. the hill was little steep…. hello grass stains on elbows, that’s the hubby not the kids!

It was a great time somewhere totally free so if you have an hour or 2 to kill and are in the area check it out (it’s right at the station). Pack a picnic, take a ball and learn to roll!

On safari

Good old Tesco vouchers managed to get us 2 adult tickets for Woburn Safari Park for £13 (normally £19,50 each). We managed to get ourselves organised and get there before 10am for the Lions breakfast!

After getting some good tips about putting the kids in the boot (aka back seats all flat – which is possible in our Zafira!) we stripped the car of all seats and buggy and into the back I hopped with the kids. It was brilliant for them to be able to move around for a 360 degree view and also for Tamsin to be able to get out her chair a bit.

Man what a great day! There are so many different things to do from the drive safari, on foot animals, indoor play area, train ride, outdoor play area, Australian walkabout and monkey enclosure! The kids had an absolute ball! And besides a bit of attitude from Madam Jenna at about the half way point; they were so well-behaved! It always make me feel better as a parent to see how badly behaved (I know it’s awful!!!! but it does!!!) other kids are!

We eventually dragged ourselves out of there at about 5:30 after feeding the kids the last of the packed food for dinner. We arrived home, unpacked and managed to wrangle 3 very tired babies into bed by 6:15! All in all a great day and a big thumbs up from us! The whole trip in total only cost us less than £20 for the 5 of us – excluding petrol but including a much-needed cuppa coffee at half time!!