Love a lick of paint

I love our little house, however I hate the fact that the developers used crappy watered down paint straight on the plaster board which mean any little bump shows! And you can’t wipe it down or the paint comes off and you can see the plaster board!

Anyway there’s this little area above the stove which has managed to get it self very dirty and splattered by flying oil and fat! Us South Africans like to fry our boerewors!!

This little area has been annoying me for the last 2 years, I really wanted to get a piece of glass for this area but it was outside my budget! I finally found something in my budget tho! A tester pot of paint at Wilkinson’s! £1!!! Whoop!!! What a difference it has made… and I think it’s made the bug bite me… Grand ideas… just need the budget to put it into practice!!

One day! When my children are old, graduated and left home maybe!