Optimism in the face of adversity

I’m so incredible lucky to have some really lovely friends both here is the UK and back in SA. Unfortunately one of my most loveliest friends is going through a really tough time.

In 2010 her husband was diagnosed with colon cancer.  He was in his early 20’s. It was devastating to hear and to be so far away and unable to offer any practical support or just be there with glass of something warm or winey was tough. But he’s a tough guy, a couple of surgeries and a few months of chemo later and he was on the mend.

Their faith, hope and beat it attitude was something to be admired.  The way in which they supported each other and yet considered all those around them and their needs to see.

A couple of weeks ago I got news that they had found some lesions on the liver and he could need to go for more surgery. A few days ago he had half his liver removed – he is now recovering in hospital. They’ve moved out of their newly renovated house to save some money whilst he is unable to work and will be living with family.

And you know what chatting to my friend, his incredible and loving wife, all she could say was how lovely everyone had been and how supportive and how lucky they are to have such a good team of doctors and staff at the hospital.

Yes, I know it’s a bit of a soppy post, but a huge five to an incredibly stong, loving, supportive, faith filled, super wife who deserves some better times ahead! If I can’t be there for you my friend the least I can do is tell you how much I admire you and your fighter or a husband!

And for those reading any prayers are appreciated for this special couple!

And it begins

Wow, I can’t believe that tomorrow Jenna starts her school life.  From tomorrow on for the next 15 years (about) every day she have to get ready to go to school – which means I will have to be more organised!

That from tomorrow (even though she is mornings only for the next year) I will have to make sure bags and clothes are labelled. I will have to be up regularly at the same time every morning, and start moving with a deadline! Thank goodness school here starts at 9am and not 8am like South Africa!

I am looking forward to the time I’m going to get to spend alone with my little man whilst the littlest lady has her morning snooze! I think my house might feel a little empty and quiet tho!

What I am not looking forward to is the dropping off in the rain… and obviously tomorrows forecast is heavy rain in the morning! GRRRR! Seriously someone needs to come up with a concierge service! Taking all 3 kids out the car and running the almost 100m from the parking lot to the school dragging a car seat and toddler and carrying another toddler (he likes splashing in puddles or lands up falling in them) is almost mission impossible! Mmmm… think this year I need to invest in some wellies and a rain coat! Yes I know, I’ve been here over 5 years and have resisted this long!

So as I said here it begins… here is the start of my daughter asking questions I don’t know the answer to and learning more than I could ever remember!

I do have to say that she is so so excited to be going back! I think there may be some tears though when she realises her best friend has moved schools and won’t be with her any more! Life lessons begin young!