A time for giving and giving back…

The whole commercial Christmas thing really gets me a bit wound up.  Now I love Christmas and have nothing against starting a little early but the whole reason behind Christmas just seems to get lost in the manic rush to spend money on stuff! A lot of stuff that a lot of people probably won’t even use again!

With my kids growing up in gift mania that seems to be Christmas now a days I’m trying to find ways to make it mean that little bit more cause if Jenna had her way it would all be about the presents!

Christmas is after all a religious festival about the birth of our Saviour and as such needs to (in my house anyway) revolve around that! But regardless of whether you believe or not Christmas is a time for family, love and giving – not only of gifts either!

Today the children, my mom and I are going to go through all the kids toys and they need to select 2-3 toys that they don’t use all that often and they think other children will like to give to the local children’s charity shop.  They also collected some money on a walk with the child minder to use towards giving a “Good gift“.  The child minder has also put the money she would have spent buying each of the children gifts towards this fund and together all the children will decide what to donate their money towards.

I’d love to give some other little gifts for the kids to share with others. Things like taking a big bag of home-baked Christmas cookies to the old age home around the corner or doing some other good deed; cleaning or sweeping someones icy walk way (maybe we’ll get hubby to do that!).

Let’s make this a season for giving and not just receiving… anyone else got good ideas of gifts to give??

Robbing God?

I read this verse today and it really made me think…

{and the Lord said} “Will a man rob God? yet you rob me”. “But you ask ‘how do we rob you’ “In tithes and offerings…”      Malachi 3:8

What??? Rob God… is that even possible? I mean I know I occasionally disappoint him, don’t listen to him, take advantage of His grace; but rob him???

The old testament was all about the law, relationship through law. The tithe was about returning a tenth of all they owned to God. Now living in the new testament, in a personal relationship with Christ sometimes I feel the numbers aren’t important. And they’re not, however  this love relationship gives us a new, different  standard of giving. I think this standard is all measured by sacrifice.  By love we voluntarily give – our time, our gifts, assets, money. And it’s not about how much but all about how much it cost us!

I mean if God created us and we and all we have technically belongs to Him anyway how do we justify not giving. And I mean not just a tenth but EVERYTHING! And it’s not ALL about money but that is part of it as is every single blessing I have been given. Am I giving enough?  Yes I give time but in my time am I giving my all (in energy and talents) or am I giving a half-hearted effort – I may as well not be doing it then. So maybe the motivation is part of it too?

So here I sit examining myself.  Again! It’s a constant process! Maybe there are more things in my life I need to give… maybe it’s just giving God more space in my life, maybe it’s giving him more in my speech. Maybe it’s this blog.

So I’ll sit here a while longer… trying to hear God (Lord you may need to shout it’s rather loud and busy in my house at the moment).

Does any of this resonate with you??