Tuesday truth… family

Sometimes, just sometimes mind you, I look around and realise just how incredibly lucky we are!

Saturday was one of those days… a stressful day don’t get me wrong but one of those special and rare days!

We have had such a manic few weeks. What with me starting back at work, joining the PTA and just general life with 3 littley’s running around! Add a Dodo (granny aka my mom) to the mix who arrived over from SA last Thursday, together with a granny Trish who arrived in the UK from SA on Friday and life just got a little fuller!

One advantage of broken and then reformed families is the additional people you get who love your kids!!! Our babies are lucky enough to have 3 granny’s and 3 grampa’s!

On Saturday we had ALL 3 GRANNY’S in the house! The kids were in heaven! 3 people to over ride the parents – wahoo!!! Me well I was in the kitchen prepping food for the houseful! and sending out tea’s and coffee’s!

The truth this Tuesday is that even out of those season in life where things are not going as we want or breaking down and ending God can turn them around and use them as blessings! That even when our families were falling apart and we thought we were losing people who loved us, God still wanted to use those times! To teach us and support us, and bless us with more people in our lives and even bigger families to love us! No I’m not saying that breaking up families is a good thing, just that even in those times God is bigger and better and more gracious and kind and loving.

Sometimes even when these very blessings are peeing us off and driving me mental… how lucky am I to have them to do that! Take a moment to count your annoying blessings… bet you could find a few!