What a full day

So yesterday was a bit of a hectic day! A lovely day but a hectic day!

We started off having a cuppa with some lovely friends – which in itself is a bit hectic with 10 children belonging to 4 mom’s and a gate crasher dad! It was just a great time catching up with some beautiful friends and some lovely special news!

Off home we trundled for lunch and nap time which didn’t really happen as the kids had naps in the car on the way home instead – boo to no time off for me! Oh well! Martin who is currently on 2 weeks of leave at the moment organised to play a game or 2 or 3 of top golf. At about this time our neighbour asked if she could take me up on my offer to look after her 4 and 3-year-old for a couple of hours whilst they finish some decorating.

So off went my husband and in came 2 more children, I decided to borrow a friends 9-year-old for some moral support and to try even out the numbers!

Got to love 9-year-old baby sitters – obstacle courses made, trampoline games organised, paper airplane races run and picture drawing supervised! I really think I should get me one of these!

Next granny and paul arrived with dinner in anticipation of some baby sitting! Next Aunty Lee Lee and Dave arrived for dinner with load of lovely pressies from her South African trip over the summer holidays!

Some gorgeous dinner was consumed (cottage pie, stuffed marrows, cauliflower cheese, sweet potatoes, spinach and peppers – WOW) – thanks Paul!

Then it was time to put 2 little ones to bed before we hurried out the door for life group!

And this is the point of the whole post… I got to life group and started explaining how hectic my day had felt. But during the course of the evening in just spending time with God, I started to think of how lucky I was.

My day wasn’t hectic, it was FULL. Full of friends and family and beautiful children and great food. How blessed am I to be able to fill my day with these special moments and times.

I’m going to choose to think of my day this way as FULL and NOT hectic.

How about you?