Beachtime fun

We spent last week down in Cornwall for a family holiday with my parents! As usual the weather wasn’t on it’s best behaviour but that didn’t stop the kids from loving it!

It’s times like this where I really miss home and living on the coast – in the sunshine! I’ve always loved the beach and the sea and it’s really something I’d love my kids to grow up feeling comfortable and content in… at the moment we live too far away from it to make that happen easily but I’m going to take every single opportunity to do it!

They loved the mussels and anemones, Jenna wanted to eat the mussels for dinner!

Oh dear someone sat down in the rock pool!

Doesn’t it just make you want to go on holiday… I know I wanted to stay on holiday!! Thanks Mom and Brian it was a super time away! We’ll have to do it again… in warmer weather… with no rain!