See it snap it love it

I’ve just found a lovely photo linky and decided to join on in!

This weeks theme is love.

I had a hard time choosing one and eventually decided to choose one that we only took a week ago.

I just adore it.  I love the way it shows their personalities and enthusiasm. I love that the smiles on their faces are because they’re chasing their daddy who they love.

I love beautiful smiles and crinkly eyes. I love how they are playing together more and more.

Sometimes when I look at them I just can’t believe how much I love them. How did I create such amazing little people. How lucky am I that I get to love and be loved by them.

Valentines gift.

We’ve never been really big into the whole V day thing. We’ve always done the card thing and for the first few years until the babies arrived we did gifts but this year I decided to make some thing.

When we moved into our house I bought a big frame with 4 smaller frames inside it with the intention of replacing the photo’s with some of our own. Nearly 4 years and 3 children later the frame still has the original pictures in it. With the discovery of pinterest there were a few things I thought I’d try and eventually I decided that since it’s hung above the bed in our room it should be all about us!

The words in the tree are the words from our first dance and the red words are the vows from our wedding. The other words are just a really lovely verse I’d seen the other day describing love. And of course we wouldn’t be us now without our 3 beautiful babies on there somewhere!

Now this project was not without much frustration, shouting and some expletives. The printer ink ran out, the printer decided not to recognise the laptop and then not even print properly!! We got there in the end tho! But I will be reprinting the photo’s again to a better quality and the exact size needed!! GRRRR to technical issues! Anyway!

Here’s to the last nearly 5 years filled with love, fun, excitement and children… and the next 50! I love you my bub!

Just 1 day of life…

It’s crazy how many different people I have “met” on this blogging adventure, how many different types of people, blogs, opinions and stories there are out there!

I recently read a post by someone I indirectly know from my hometown in South Africa, she has recently been through such a tough time of love and loss and yet her attitude, love and faith are such an example.

“be thankful for the gifts that Jesus gives us. It’s not always about the time frames that we are given with each other that will touch and change our hearts forever”  Love in Action Blog

Those words so strike a chord, I think every mom wants to have forever with their children and see them grow up and live their lives to the full. I tend to focus on the next phase “I can’t wait until Carter can talk” and “I can’t wait until we’re out of nappies” and “one day they’ll be able to get their own breakfast and we’ll get to sleep in!”.

But it is the little moments that touch our hearts, sometimes it the words of a stranger you only get to meet for a few minutes that can have a big impact on your life.

So lets celebrate life, every year, day and hour of it. Lets use every minute of it to LIVE!

This blog is dedicated to Zac who in his 1 day of life touched the lives of hundreds across the world… May my life be as much of a testimony to Christ as yours was and your mommy’s is!



I love my JM …

Everything to her is magical!

I love that she believes she is a princess! And that being a princess means only wearing a dress/skirt and having her hair down. That she needs to dance with her prince (preferable William if you ask her!).

The her imagination can create food, houses and people out of ordinary things!

That she adores her little brother and sister even though she occasionally gets a little over enthusiastic about it! And they occasionally annoy her!

I love that she is such a strong-willed little madam who knows exactly what she wants – and always has! Ever since she was born!

I love her energy and that given a chance she will keep going like the energiser bunny until way after I need to go to bed!

I love her honesty! “mommy you’re breath smells”, me “thanks Jenna, I’ll brush them when I get out of bed!”, Jenna “gross”!!

I love they way she say she loves me back! The whispered “i love you’s” at night, the sincere thanks I get for doing something mundane for her like filling up her water bottle.

Most of all I love the fact that the reasons why I love her far outweight the reasons why she annoys me
and even that the things that annoy me are in fact some of the reasons exactly why I love!

Memory Boxes

I have so much junk aka precious memories lying around that I decided it was time to organise them!

Both the girls were given little memory boxes when they were born but the poor little guy hasn’t so time to remedy the situation.  The little boxes are great but just aren’t big enough! Jenna’s is already bursting and that doesn’t include any of her “art work”.

So hubby got instructions to find me an old printer paper box from work – instead he came home with something better! Old file storage boxes – bigger and stronger!!

I have this thought that I will add all those special little things that sometimes land up in the bin – the special pictures, birthday cards, post cards etc etc

In my mind i store them all beautifully and KEEP UP TO DATE with it and when they finally leave home I can pass them on and we can all sit and go through the box smiling, laughing and crying at all the old memories!

Boxes made up, pretty wrapping paper weeded out the boxes were all wrapped up! Unfortunately we had no boys paper so as usual poor Carter had to wait until I could manage to get to the shop and find something special for him! Just need to put their initials on them and they’re all done!

How do you all keep your little treasured memories safe?