Torch relay comes to town

To be honest I’ve found a lot about the whole Olympic thing a little annoying.  It’s been spoken about for so long and with so much drama and opinions on all sides that I’ve just had enough already!  I love watching certain events on TV and am excited to be going to watch  some Hockey live but living in the country where it is being held just seems to bring so much moaning! Yes people are excited but most of the time they are more concerned with how it’s going to impact them negatively that I seem to be hearing about!

This is possibly a once in a lifetime event with the chance to be involved and see first hand what it’s all about! So trying to look past all the moaning we decided to see the olympic torch… seeing as it was passing 2 blocks away from our house we couldn’t really miss it could we!

We actually had a great time and bumped into one of Jenna’s teachers who gave the kids each flags! It was over so quickly though, and Jenna actually cried when we left as she wanted to follow the torch around the time!

The police were lovely and gave the kids lots of high fives on their motor bikes although the support crew around the  flame were a bit grumpy but suppose that’s their job to keep people away and the torch safe. It was great to see the community out in force and the weather was pretty good to us too only coming down at the last minute as the actual torch was going past!

It’s rekindled a little of the fire that has been doused by negativity, I’m looking forward to seeing it all happen now and making some lifelong memories watching it live!