Tuesday truth… Who’s judging Halloween

With last night being Halloween and having to face for really the first time how I deal with that with my children I’ve found myself very confused.

Firstly I don’t really understand the Halloween thing or how and why it came about. Secondly as a Christian family where do we stand on the issue.

So I set about doing a little research.

Yes it started as a Celtic pagan festival celebrating their new year and the end of the season, and paying homage to those who had died in the year previous. In the 8th century a pope moved All Saints day to the evening of October 31st; as an attempt to claim it for the Christians, celebrating those who were martyred.

Ok so yes it started as a Pagan festival but it was then attempted to be made into a Christian festival… mmm…. that doesn’t really help.

I think what annoys me most about being confused about Halloween is that everyone has their own opinion… and most aren’t scared to YELL it at you. I have nothing against people knowing what they believe and sharing it, seriously, but… please take the time to actually know what you are talking about!!

No I’m not a fan of all the gory costumes and glamorization of gore, and for reasons previously stated here I’m not that keen on the whole trick or treating thing. But that’s commercialisation for you!

But I’m not going to shut out the world and condemn those who choose to celebrate. There is enough condemnation and judgement in this world without me adding my shout out to it. Each parent needs to decide what is appropriate for them and their children. So no, we’re not going to be making a big deal out of Halloween – either because we do celebrate it or don’t. So yes our lights were on until 7:30pm and we had a big bag of sweets for those who came calling. Jenna loved handing out the sweets, chatting about if they were having fun and saying goodbye with a God bless on the end!

Maybe next year we’ll add a little note to each sweet, maybe Jenna can open the door in her princess outfit.¬† You know what we are “not of this world” however we do live in it and need to find ways to deal with these contradictions without alienating and condemning those who choose differently to us.

Lets be consistent too… many other festivals and traditions have their basis in Pagan history… do we dismiss all of those too… even the Christmas tree… Just a thought.

Let God convict you one way or the other, no me.

How did you deal with Halloween… ignore, embrace or compromise????

As a later add on I’ve just found this very interesting article on the subject!