Sunshine days…

How did days go from this …

To this…

Not that I’m complaining though!! Long may it last… well at least a week! They’re much happier and quieter; and my house my cleaner when they are doing this…

Love a lick of paint

I love our little house, however I hate the fact that the developers used crappy watered down paint straight on the plaster board which mean any little bump shows! And you can’t wipe it down or the paint comes off and you can see the plaster board!

Anyway there’s this little area above the stove which has managed to get it self very dirty and splattered by flying oil and fat! Us South Africans like to fry our boerewors!!

This little area has been annoying me for the last 2 years, I really wanted to get a piece of glass for this area but it was outside my budget! I finally found something in my budget tho! A tester pot of paint at Wilkinson’s! £1!!! Whoop!!! What a difference it has made… and I think it’s made the bug bite me… Grand ideas… just need the budget to put it into practice!!

One day! When my children are old, graduated and left home maybe!

Painting pandemonium!

So out came the sun… again… YIPEE! and I decided it was time to take out the paint for fun in the garden. This is not a task I often take on with Carter awake but since we dropped the morning nap (YIKES) I decided the time had come to brave it.

Poster paper tacked along the fence, paint poured, sponge shapes cut out, children stripped down and we were off! Well that was until Master Carter decided to rip the paper off the fence! So back up it goes and we’re off! Until Carter decided to run off with 2 of the paint containers! So paint containers retrieved and we’re off! Yep this time we finally got painting!

Painting themselves mostly! although the occasional splodge landed on the paper, and the floor and the sofa… Shucks, was it really worth it! But somehow in the madness there were the occasional moments! Moments of joy and happiness and even 2 minutes of peace and quiet!

I’ve decided to try be more organised on our days at home and plan activities (even if it is only bubbles or playing in the paddling pool) somehow it seems to make the day just that little bit more peaceful and reduce the number of meltdowns!

So will we be painting again! Oh yes! Fingers crossed with practice it might be a little easier!