Paper mobile

So poor little baby angel doesn’t have a mobile (I stood on it when putting it in storage after number 2 was done with it!!), nor does her little corner of the room have much decoration.

Something needed to be done!

And I didn’t know what to do! That was until I stumbled upon this little site called Pinterest. Man oh man does that site have some beautiful stuff!!

Which is where I found my inspiration!

And here it is…

After killing my fingers cutting circles I was told you get a machine that does it (I need one).   Apparently there will be a next time too as Jenna-May has placed an order!  But I may try this light decor one though!

OK so I know it’s hung skew I will fix it – My husband the DIY expert – tsk tsk!

Memory Boxes

I have so much junk aka precious memories lying around that I decided it was time to organise them!

Both the girls were given little memory boxes when they were born but the poor little guy hasn’t so time to remedy the situation.  The little boxes are great but just aren’t big enough! Jenna’s is already bursting and that doesn’t include any of her “art work”.

So hubby got instructions to find me an old printer paper box from work – instead he came home with something better! Old file storage boxes – bigger and stronger!!

I have this thought that I will add all those special little things that sometimes land up in the bin – the special pictures, birthday cards, post cards etc etc

In my mind i store them all beautifully and KEEP UP TO DATE with it and when they finally leave home I can pass them on and we can all sit and go through the box smiling, laughing and crying at all the old memories!

Boxes made up, pretty wrapping paper weeded out the boxes were all wrapped up! Unfortunately we had no boys paper so as usual poor Carter had to wait until I could manage to get to the shop and find something special for him! Just need to put their initials on them and they’re all done!

How do you all keep your little treasured memories safe?