Satcap stew

This weeks Satcap involves on of the most delicious meals I’ve made in quite a while… oxtail stew! Man was it good, the kids devoured it and the hubby inhaled it!

So write me some captions down below in the comments section! Then do some more over at Mammasaurus blog!

Satcap in the sunshine

Ah, dreaming of the summer gone by and anticipating the summer we are going to have with 3 kids running around playing in the garden! This little pickle likes to play in water, be it in the pool, cup, or bucket!

Got a caption for him this week? head on down and fill out a comment!

Done that? now off you go to mammasaurus to think of some more witty captions!

A season spirit snap slap.

I was all set on doing another Christmas snap slap this week, it goes so quick I just want to make it last!! But then I started playing and decided to do this one instead! Getting in the mood for spring…

The original –

As usual 2 photo’s I’ve played with… 1 is never enough!

See some more slappers over on fivegoblogging!

And as an added bonus here is the one I was playing with earlier from Christmas day! My 2 gorgeous girls having a cuddle and giggle!

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas!


The time has come to finally organise myself! I am getting the scrapbooks out!

I wanted something I could give to the kids when they get older that they could each take away when they leave home, a little record of their first year of life!

I started a scrap-book for Jenna-May when she was born and to now have only managed to get to 6 months old – her first christmas.

I’ve also managed to do our wedding and honeymoon which was my first attempt…

Not too bad… maybe I’ll do some more I think… in 3 years time!

But with 2 more children who have NO pages done as yet; I need to pull my finger out! And I have so many other little projects I have which I want to do but I really need learn to do just one thing at a time!! Saying that I am currently reading two books at the moment cause I was too lazy to get my butt back out of bed last night and run downstairs (our room is in the loft) to get the one I already started and left in the lounge! Think I may have an attention problem!!

So the printer was pulled out, ink cartridge found and paper bought. Over 100 pictures were printed and are sitting at the ready! All I need now is to find the time, motivation and the energy to get started.

My only problem is that I once again have no boy bits to make a start on Carter’s book and I still need to actually buy a scrap-book album for both Carter and Tamsin!!

Oh well, first things first – gotta get Jenna’s done! She is now nearly 3 and a half after all!!

But once I get started it is good fun, time-consuming and takes your mind off everything for a couple of hours! And it’s gotta be better than doing the cleaning!

So get your creative side out and have a go… here are a couple of my attempts… I wanna see yours… so send me your link and I’ll check them out!

Ok so the photography isn’t great… I couldn’t find the camera so had to use my phone! Forgive me please!