Greatest day in history!

It’s Easter, it’s a holiday but more important is the reason behind it.  Jesus died; for you, for me and all humanity. He died with sin on His shoulders. Our sin. He suffered and bled in our place and He rose again. He left in His place the greatest companion, a comforter and friend.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the eggs, chocolate, chicks and bunnies.

I know it might not be your “thing” but even if it isn’t have listen to the song below. And if it is your thing take time to marvel at His greatness and mercy.

Happy Easter everyone! I hope it’s a good one full of love, family and chocolate!

Living for heaven

Man what a challenge! I seem to get so consumed daily by all the little things in life – what to cook for dinner, cleaning, wiping bums… and forget to focus on the heavenly things.

I forget that our “real life is in heaven with Christ and God” Col 3:3. How differently would I spend my time if this was my first thought every day. How differently would I treat people if I lived my life “for heavens sake”. When the end goal is heaven it changes our perspective on life, it chances our priorities and motives. 

We spent such an awesome time last night with good friends discussing and chatting about these thoughts. God certainly knew what He was doing when He made us to live in community! With people who understand and love us and believe the same as us.

It’s such a challenge to live our lives outside of just religion and to rather focus on the relationship. To be real, honest, loving and free of condemnation to EVERY ONE who crosses our path.

So lets live our lives for the joy, expectation and excitement of our “real lives” in heaven! Lets focus on the impact we make for the Kingdom on Heaven. Be it in our husband/wifes life, our childrens lives, our colleagues or friends!