To Ho Ho or not Ho Ho… that is the question!?!?

With the littlies growing up and starting to ask questions about a certain man in a red suit there has been a bit a discussion recently in our house.

The question?  To Santa or not to Santa?

I have to say it never crossed my mind not to Santa! I always loved the “magic” that it brought! The imagination and excitement it inspires. Yes there’s a reason for the reason and that never forgotten in the fun!

Jenna’s prayer last night: “thank you God for Jesus and His birthday at Christmas and that father Christmas can come celebrate!”.

Weighing up in the other corner is honesty, focusing on the reason for the reason only and never lying to your children.

And there we have it a stalemate! What are your views? What do you tell your kids? How do you do Santa aka the man in red!

Have you say in the poll or leave me you thoughts in the comments section!

It’s coming… Jingle Jingle can you hear the bells!

I absolutely love Christmas! I know it’s just over 2 months away still but I’m mentally starting the count down!

I know money is tight, and no not in a “my clothes are snug” kinda way more like I’m a size 20 and money is a size 8 that I’m trying to squeeze into kinda way! So I know it’s not going to be a big present year. But it’s not about that is it.  It’s the whole feel of christmas.

Christmas just feels so much more Christmassy in the UK with the snow and cold weather… as much as I love Christmas dinners on the veranda and boxing days spent drinking pimms and eating watermelon and mangoes on the beach in South Africa, Christmas in the UK feels very different.

I love all the lights (and yes husband I will be putting some up this year!! And No i don’t think they look Kitsh!) I have just started on making a fabric and felt advent calendar for the kids (these things take time gotta start early) AND I’m already thinking about all the yummy meals we will be having.

Most of all now that my children are a little older I can’t wait to start making Christmas one of those magic times! I remember that feeling so well, the anticipation and excitement, the meeting up with family we haven’t seen in a while, the songs, lights, tree and yes the presents too. I am sad ALL the grand parentals aren’t going to be here this tho but we’ll just have to make do and survive!

This year I’m looking forward to consuming mulled wine (lots of it) without guilt and without being pregnant! Hallebloominglujah!!!

So I’m looking for some special things to do with the kids in the build up…. the santa snacks and drink… the reindeer food… who has any special and fun Christmas rituals… or can remember then from when you were small??? Please share!!