Ready for a sleep over!

Once again Pinterest inspired me! And lucky for me a week later my MIL(mom in law) dropped off a load of old bedding and fabric for me put in my scraps bin!

For those of you who remember Jenna-May is enjoying sleeping on the floor – which made this a perfect project for her!

The ol’ sewing machine was once again unpacked (thanks again to the MIL for the loan)! Such a simple little project and Jenna absolutely loves it! Now choosing to sleep on it during “nap time”. She has also had it on top of her bed!! Seriously that little girl is a funny one!

One tip I would give though is make sure the pillowcases are all the same size!!! a little tweaking needed to be done to ensure it was more aesthetically pleasing!

Rolled up, ready to store

The full affect

And already it’s a favorite TV watching spot!

Once again though a little something that the kids love that cost me NOTHING! and those to me are the best things!!!

Winter warmers…. well an attempt!

With the air getting a little chillier and the leaves turning brown, red and yellow Autumn is definitely on its way! That being said I have started sorting out the kids wardrobes to make sure everything they need is at hand when it’s needed! Organised I know! Also I’m sick of fighting with Jenna (3) who only wants to wear her summer dresses or shorts – so temptation has been removed and packed away until the next warm spell!

So I realised that there were plenty things needed for Carter as he hits that next age of clothing (18-24 months) and a new season. Which is why I decided to try to copy a cute little hat that Tamsin had as a new-born.

Now as I mentioned before I am a VERY amateur seamstress but after digging through my scrap box found a couple of tops I thought I could rip apart and use.

Here is the result!

One day my son will be still long enough to take a good photo!