Trust this finds you well and gearing up for a crazy part of the year, yes the time when the shops tell you its Christmas far to early and before you know it, it will a week after Christmas and there will be Easter eggs on those same shelves in the shops.


The same time when Christmas Carols are sung in October instead of the ‘normal’ couple of days around Christmas, also the time when every celebrity whose star is waning brings out there favourite Christmas tunes.


Well life here in Hemel remains crazy, we have a sitting up TJ with a few teeth, a crazy jumping CG aka Dennis the menace. He is just a typical boy and oh so cute when he wants to be and almost knows it too, just like his Dad I hear you say and then we have JM who continues to forget her ears vs mouth ratio but I guess I also fall into that trap from time to time. Kerry is about to return to work after another 6 month ‘holiday’……….apologies…. maternity leave. And me, well I continue to work as hard as I can; trying to convince people to invest money and buy houses.


Well I guess that’s a snap shot of how life is currently going on in our home. I do hope that your homes are less crazy than ours, but then it might be the same but it is always different. I mean to us its normal, to others, having 3 little ones – small little ones, two working parents, involved in church activities, playgroup committees, cricket websites, blogs, etc is a crazy life. But to us its normal, it is LIFE. Life with God at the centre of it all; if He isn’t at the centre then we’ve got issues.


One thing is for sure, I’m not sure if Kerry or I would stay sane if God was not a part of it. I mean there are some families out there with the exactly the same situation, ie working parents, 3 little ones, etc, but I wonder how they cope with LIFE with out God. Sometimes it is very comforting to know that God is on our side and looks after us and indeed knows what we can handle and what we can’t.


Over the last few years, a few people have told me how negative I can get sometimes, some people like my wife who if Kerry can’t be honest with me then who can. I’ve not always been so negative and over the last couple of months I’ve really wanted to go on a journey of when it started. There are a few thoughts of why I’ve turned inside out but I guess its part of Gods journey He has for me.


Apart from a bit of self and soul searching and allowing God to refine us both, we have had some cool days out as a family.


The last one being a trip to Willows farm, we were blessed with some bucks and we had some extra hands, aka Kerry’s sister. Willows farm is like a giant kid farm with little animals for kids to pet as well as giant jumping castles, tractor rides, trampolines, carousels and an indoor play area and to top it off we went on the first day of the school holidays. You know it’s going to be a hectic day when the farm opens by 9am you arrive by 10am and they are already ushering you into car park 4. Thankfully the farm had a big enough outside area to not notice all the many people there. Another day out was a trip to the Berkhamsted Castle, this castle is probably as old as all the ages of the people who read this put together. We walked around the castle on the walls and then went into the middle for a snack. This castle is actually a ruin so it was not complete etc. One of the other days out we did was a free trip to the Natural History Museum in Tring (a nearby town). It was a super day out and took us a good 2 hours to walk around and see all the animals that were all stuffed. I know JM and CG enjoyed it looking at the big bears, lions, tigers, etc and even Kerry and I were fascinated at the amount of different species there were there of many animals. The one funny moment was when JM said, hey look mom, there is Dodo, and actually meaning Kerry’s mom they call Dodo and not the old bird called Dodo.


Our church life is going well, we continue to be involved in Explore church and its great to see and experience Gods blessing upon the church, God doing some great things in peoples lives and recently the church blessed the worship team with a trip into London to a Worship Conference hosted by Tim Hughes, Matt Redman and Martin Smith, some of you will know them. It was super to go and let God minister to us and also just to hang out with the worship team of Explore.


Well I guess that’s about it for this month, we have an exciting time ahead; we have Kerry’s mom aka Dodo and my step mom, Granny Trish coming over. It will be great to see them and pass on some hugs to family back home. Lets just hope those bags have some Bovril in them!!


Anyway I do trust that those of you that read these rumblings enjoy it, thanks for your time and know how special you are to us.

mmmmm…. honey comb!!

Wondering what to make when the cupboard is bare – honey comb! What to make if you’re short of time – honey comb! Need something super sweet – honey comb! Want something to do with the kids – honey comb!

Ok but let me be honest my first attempt was not so successful – don’t think I had the sugar on the heat for long enough!Think I might have lost a few fillings! Jenna has loved helping with this and watching the “magic” when the bicarb makes it bubble and grow (possible chemistry lesson in there somewhere)!

But here it is:

100g Castor sugar

2 spoons/forkfuls of syrup

1 teaspoon of bicarb of soda

Put the sugar and syrup in a bowl and give a good mix. Put over a low heat and melt until golden brown and passes the crack test (put some on a spoon and dip into cold water and listen for the crack!).

Take it off the stove and add the bicarb, whisk it quickly with a spoon and pour out onto some grease proof paper.  Allow to cool for about 2 hours and then smash it up with something hard (great for getting rid of frustration)!!

Seriously yummy and great sprinkled over ice cream or as an after dinner snack or gift!

Give it a go and let me know what you think, or rather what the kids think!