Picnics and barges

Our lovely childminder decided to organise a get together for all the parent and children that she looked after to get to know each other and catch up during the summer holidays! So bags packed (with sun hats, suncream and rain jackets – silly British weather) we were off.

8 children, 2 infants and 7 adults climbed into cars to start the journey! First stop was in a lovely little village park for a picnic. Unfortunately we were surrounded by a carnival who decided to start their set up in the middle of the picnic! 8 children running around 16 wheeler trucks is not such a great idea. However the rain decided the matter for us and off we ran to the cover of the cars and onto the next venue!

We arrived an hour early for our barge trip so sat out in the garden enjoying the remnants of our picnic whilst the kids played with pebbles on the drive way (needless to say the manager was not best impressed that we would “break his lawn mower”!) The sun decided to bless us with its presence and the jackets came off – as did the shoes and hats and tops!!!

“All aboard” was shouted and we herded up the children and clambered onto the barge. A bit of squabbling of seats later we were all seated and ready.  The kids loved looking for fish and spotting the ducks, sheep, horses etc along the way – needless to say the captain was only interested in pointing out the houses and architecture we passed!

As usual Tamsin exceeded her nappy’s poop allowance and we had some major spillage! Think this was the only part of the trip she was awake for! Obviously the barge didn’t have a changing station so the tiny bathroom floor had to suffice – thankfully I was not on duty and it was hubby’s turn (I had a baby sleeping on me!)

So excluding the rain, some poop leakage and a couple of meltdowns (from various children at various times) it was a very successful trip. I mean no one fell overboard, we didn’t lose  any children and by the end of the day had exhausted children who slept like superstars!

Another experience ticked off our list! What else should be on it? Anyone got ideas?

You know it’s summer when…

The smell of sun cream is in the air. There are wet costumes and clothes strewn across the floor. The bugs invade through the open doors and windows.  The washing is sun-dried and not tumble dried. My tomatoes and beans are ripe. The trampoline and paddling pool get daily use.  The lounge floor is covered in sand, as is the couch, bathroom and kitchen!

The children are happily and quietly playing outside and not wrecking the house. You are chasing after little boys to try to keep their hat on.

The glass of wine you are drinking has perspiration on the outside and dinner is a picnic on the grass. When ice cream is the dessert of choice every night and salad seems to be the best option to accompany every meal. Braais (BBQ’s) are frequent and trips to the park begged for daily.

When shoulders look a little sun kissed and children’s hair gets golden highlights from the sun.

Lets hope THIS summer continues for just a little longer… I’m not ready to get out my coat just yet!

Painting pandemonium!

So out came the sun… again… YIPEE! and I decided it was time to take out the paint for fun in the garden. This is not a task I often take on with Carter awake but since we dropped the morning nap (YIKES) I decided the time had come to brave it.

Poster paper tacked along the fence, paint poured, sponge shapes cut out, children stripped down and we were off! Well that was until Master Carter decided to rip the paper off the fence! So back up it goes and we’re off! Until Carter decided to run off with 2 of the paint containers! So paint containers retrieved and we’re off! Yep this time we finally got painting!

Painting themselves mostly! although the occasional splodge landed on the paper, and the floor and the sofa… Shucks, was it really worth it! But somehow in the madness there were the occasional moments! Moments of joy and happiness and even 2 minutes of peace and quiet!

I’ve decided to try be more organised on our days at home and plan activities (even if it is only bubbles or playing in the paddling pool) somehow it seems to make the day just that little bit more peaceful and reduce the number of meltdowns!

So will we be painting again! Oh yes! Fingers crossed with practice it might be a little easier!